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Author Topic: Pine bream improving (at last)!  (Read 251 times)

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Pine bream improving (at last)!
« on: Mon 10 Feb 12:15 2020 »
Good conditions this morning, so I ran over to Nudgee just before 6.00 to see if any of the prawns flushed out of the creeks had ended up there. Only a couple of boats looking out wide and nothing to be found, so I ran back to the Pine prepared to chase some bream on the big high tide this morning. Although I knew that most of the prawns would have gone, with the Pine totally fresh (even towards the top of the tide), I was hopeful that I could scrounge a few prawns for a bream session. After trying every hole I know in the Pine, and not finding a single prawn, I was glad I'd thrown in a small packet of frozen prawns, just in case! Started to work the bream, who aren't put off by a bit of a bit of fresh water, and they were on at once. The quality was much improved on previous sessions this summer and by the time I ran out of bait, just before 10.00, I had 20 keepers and had released about 15, many of which were right on the 25 cm limit or only just under. Best was 35 cm and many of the rest were over 30. It was a nice little morning session - the best so far this summer.
Cheers Freeeedom

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