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Author Topic: Tom the Bass whisperer at NPD.  (Read 160 times)

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Tom the Bass whisperer at NPD.
« on: Sun 12 Jan 17:08 2020 »
Took my favorite young decky ( Tom the bass whisperer) and his dad to NPD for a quick fish and then to release some yella fingerlings, As I had some shrimp left from last trip we went straight down to between the islands. First school had lockjaw but we ended up pulling 24 bass and one tandan before knocking off at 8am to return to the ramp for the fingerling release. Really warms my heart to see Tom enjoying life and how Jason supports him. Not many photos as I had a flat battery in my camera and I do not have a clue how to take photos on a smart phone. Jason got a 51cm bass and Tom got a 51cm tandan and a few 45cm bass, Photos on facebook. Cheers Ray

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