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Author Topic: Overnight camping near Jumpin Pin  (Read 508 times)

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Offline dieselboy

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Overnight camping near Jumpin Pin
« on: Tue 7 Jan 08:39 2020 »
Hi all. I am looking to take a mate who is very down at the moment (farmer affected by this terrible drought) away for a day or two.

I regularly visit the area around the Ďpin but itís been 20years since I spent a night camping over there. Used to be able to throw your swag out just about anywhere around the beaches?

Whereís a good place these days? I know itís a busy time of year but itís for a good cause.

Thanks in advance. Have a great week all

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Re: Overnight camping near Jumpin Pin
« Reply #1 on: Tue 7 Jan 19:30 2020 »

There are several spots along Short Island on the Northern side where the old huts used to be. The bedrooms as well but may be a bit crowded this time of year. Along the northern side of Crusoe Island there are a few spots as well as the small island at the eastern end of Tiger Mullet channel.

Hope you find a suitable spot.


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    Offline cus

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    Re: Overnight camping near Jumpin Pin
    « Reply #2 on: Fri 10 Jan 14:29 2020 »
    You will need bushmans and sufficient alcohol to numb the pain.
    I was down there last week and didnít drink enough.......
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  • Offline Odyssea

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    Re: Overnight camping near Jumpin Pin
    « Reply #3 on: Fri 17 Jan 10:55 2020 »
    Very Northern tip of South Straddie has a few good spots to put a swag.
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    Re: Overnight camping near Jumpin Pin
    « Reply #4 on: Fri 17 Jan 13:05 2020 »

    What does everyone do for toilets in these areas?
    Must be a lot of buried crap around there
    Also is it pretty secure to leave things like a fridge at your camp site?