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Author Topic: pre xmas sandies  (Read 596 times)

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Offline mighty quinn

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pre xmas sandies
« on: Fri 20 Dec 14:02 2019 »
I picked up a feed of sandies while having a fish this morning,not much on the chew and the weed is becoming a real pain in and out of the passage,the prawn trawlers have been out every night they look to be coming back from off Scarby,talking to blokes at the ramp the diver whiting are in plague proportions on the Cockle Banks, size if fair.The Mackerel are hit and miss,the water police and fisheries have finally discovered Bribie check your safety gear before they do if your coming this way.
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    Offline bondy99

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    Re: pre xmas sandies
    « Reply #1 on: Tue 24 Dec 20:50 2019 »
    Well done, at least you got a feed.

    I suggested to a gentleman's hour fisho to lay pots out for sandies and get a feed of whiting, before Xmas, but no go.

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  • Offline Gloves

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    Re: pre xmas sandies
    « Reply #2 on: Wed 8 Jan 16:27 2020 »
    I fished Bribie the week after Xmas, not many fish about but loads of sand crabs. Put some pots up Ningi creek looking for Muddies but somebody else checked my pots for me. I tie my pots in a way that I know if they have been tampered with.
    One really annoying thing was the amount of pots that had 15 meters of rope attached in 3 meters of water, more than once I had unwrap from my prop.