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Author Topic: Opinions Wanted - Paint or Viynl Wrap  (Read 1178 times)

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Opinions Wanted - Paint or Viynl Wrap
« on: Wed 6 Nov 19:02 2019 »
Hi all

I am in the middle of boat renos and attention now turns to the hull. It needs some work after years of crab pots banging against the side, sinkers and the odd shark putting dents in it.

The paint is solid - it is not peeling but it is marked, scratched and dented, and I want a new shint look to match teh topsides that have been done.

Question is Viynl Wrap or Paint? I have had a few quotes on Viynl wraps and due to dings/scratches etc there is some prep to before the  wrap is put on which pushes the costs up to about $2000. its a 5.5 meter boat with a max height between topside and waterline of 700mm so just fits into a single wrap I am told.

My reservation about Viynl Wrap is longevity - exactly how long do the last? I have been told between 3 and 7 years  if looked after which to me seems okay - noy great but okay. My boat is stored outisde but covered so does get more sun than normal I guess that may also decrease the life.

Painting is about 20-30% more than a wrap but to me might last a bit longer and be more durable.

Time wise I intend to keep the boat for at least the next 5-7 years if not longer.

So what is everyone's thoughts on Vinyl Wrap vs Paint?
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    Re: Opinions Wanted - Paint or Viynl Wrap
    « Reply #1 on: Sat 9 Nov 10:47 2019 »
    I've seen some horrible pitting under wraps on ally boats.


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    Re: Opinions Wanted - Paint or Viynl Wrap
    « Reply #2 on: Sun 24 Nov 09:36 2019 »
    You are going to need prep work regardless of which system you use and that's going to mean getting back to a solid surface free of any and all deformations or penetrations, i.e. cracks etc, in the paint, assuming you're not stripping back to bare alloy.  Seeing as how your boat is stored outside and you already have the decks painted I'd go with the same coating.  To avoid oxidization potentials I'd suggest a lighter rather than darker paint or at least something with a good UV reflective rating.