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Author Topic: Electric outboard battery  (Read 769 times)

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Offline crabby1

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Electric outboard battery
« on: Tue 8 Oct 05:07 2019 »
What type and size battery you using for electric outboard?
Currently have over 20yrs Minkota 36lb stern electric for my 4.1m open tinny.

After reading Rays regular success at NPD, I am really keen on joining up there.

Will after a larger electric and possibly as bow mount.
Need to check out different setups before going head too much $$wise.

Be day trips only and charging at home most likely but can charge from vehicle as well..

So after info what size electric outboard and style I should consider plus battery size and types to power it


Offline Jekyll

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Re: Electric outboard battery
« Reply #1 on: Mon 27 Jan 17:13 2020 »
I'm facing the same questions.   Recently bought a 4.1 polycraft challenger.   Am probably going to fit it out with a 54lb Watersnake Ambush. As for the battery,  probably a 105 ah dual purpose battery.   If my main battery dies on me when I'm out on the water,  then the dual has enough CCA to fire my outboard.

Offline Whirly

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Re: Electric outboard battery
« Reply #2 on: Tue 28 Jan 01:43 2020 »
This is my setup on a 4.8m Formosa - after research and seeking advice from the guys here:

    "A few months ago I installed a Bow Mount 80lb 60inch shaft 24v Minn Kota Uterra on my 4.8m Formosa boat (after advice and recommendations from this site). Everything worked well for a couple of trips - charged the 2 brand new 180AmpHr deep cycle batteries as soon as I got home - with a Ctek MXT 140 24V charger, all good."

(I ran out of fuel one day and that setup got me from Jumpinpin back to Jacobs Well ramp - at a bit over 2 knots - no probs).