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Author Topic: western rocks  (Read 1399 times)

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Offline phskee

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western rocks
« on: Mon 7 Oct 13:58 2019 »
Hi everyone,
im keen to take my tinny over to western rocks off yellow patch. I have a 4.2 providing weather is good. I have noticed a lagoon south of it, can you get into it i would plan on sleeping in the boat overnight. I normally leave from port of brisbne but may have to leave from bribie. Thanks!

Offline mangajack

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Re: western rocks
« Reply #1 on: Mon 7 Oct 21:30 2019 »
Yellow Patch is a marine park, unsure if you are allowed to overnight there on the shore.
I would be much more concerned about the combi patch if you are fishing western rocks in a 4.2m tinny.

Offline Odyssea

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Re: western rocks
« Reply #2 on: Tue 8 Oct 20:05 2019 »
Yeah the corner at Combi can be ugly at times, but pick your day and you will be OK. To overnight in that area, go to Bulwer anywhere South of the wreck there. As long as the wind is Easterly and you get in fairly close to shore (say 4-5 m deep), it is a calm and safe anchorage. You can sometime pull livies at night there too! I reckon Western Rocks is over-rated. Maybe used to be a good spot for cobia, but I never got one there and tried at least a dozen times. The tide absolutely rips through there, so make sure you have plenty of rope and maybe pick a neap tide.
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