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Author Topic: Earthmoving and truck tickets  (Read 784 times)

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Offline cus

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Earthmoving and truck tickets
« on: Sun 26 May 19:18 2019 »
Gday nuggeteers,
The time has come to re-skill and find a new job.
Iím pretty keen to get a construction job and in order to do this I need a few tickets.
Just wondering if anyone on here can recommend a training group that would do an MR truck, roller, excavator ticket in the south east qld area?
I know Major has a site around the corner but maybe someone has had a really good experience with another mob.
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  • Offline Red

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    Re: Earthmoving and truck tickets
    « Reply #1 on: Mon 27 May 18:54 2019 »
    I got a lot of my equipment tickets by volunteering my time for a mate of a mate to get the experience, then doing an RPL through TAFE.
    If you've been unemployed for a bit, Centrelink can arrange for the training too.
    My tip: get a directional boring ticket and you're set for a few years doing the NBN installs . ;)

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    Re: Earthmoving and truck tickets
    « Reply #2 on: Mon 27 May 20:04 2019 »
    Donít know how you would go on the NBN cus it sounds like you want to actually work
    Looking forward to the next trip

    Offline cus

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    Re: Earthmoving and truck tickets
    « Reply #3 on: Mon 27 May 21:19 2019 »
    Yeah just want to get away from shift work.
    Iím currently still employed so just wanting to get myself skilled so I increase my chances of getting a good gig.
    Might look into the various Qld skill training centres, if the gov can help with costs that would be unreal, thanks Red!
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  • Offline crabby1

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    Re: Earthmoving and truck tickets
    « Reply #4 on: Tue 28 May 10:52 2019 »
    Being employed currently makes hard to access funding for training. Worst thing is it is not a tax deduction unless all ready in that industry.

    About 10yrs ago construction  industry was giving $1000 remembursment if did training.
    It was an office in West End where got the forms from.
    Forget what department or group it was through.
    Did my dogman ticket for free basically.

    Syncro MR shouldnt be too hard to get from a few places around the area. Get you onto site driving water truck on most sites and could build from there getting other tickets.
    Think then can go HC next after MR.
    I went car, HR crashbox for 10yrs then MC crashbox.

    Check out mobs up Toowoomba way and avoid anything saying mining as means overpriced training group imho.

    Ask around people all ready in the industry.
    Might not get away from shift work hours or be sleeping in own bed every night until get some experence up