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Author Topic: Red dog walkway  (Read 1211 times)

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Offline gene

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Red dog walkway
« on: Sat 16 Mar 21:17 2019 »
My red cattle dog is 56 on monday (7x8) and i have a few beers and rums with him every birthday.he loves walking around on the top of gunnells or walkways,whatever its called from the stern to the bow and all the way around to the other side but.hes getting older and i want to make the walkways more comfortable for him as they are now just the occasional whitworths nonslip glueon pads.its a 660 offshore quintrex which we only use in the bay and i was thinking of covering the walkways with marine carpet?would anyone know how we could maybe velcro it on or should i just glue it.He has a blue missus and 2 pups we kept 1 red 1 blue,both about 3 and they come nearly everytime we take the thing out.although they can be a pain in the@*s they are like my kids so it ends up a really enjoyable day no matter what the weather.i thought maybe that black nonslip sandpaper but marine carpet would be the go i think but not real keen on covering it all in glue to hold it there?any ideas please?

Offline rayke1938

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Re: Red dog walkway
« Reply #1 on: Sun 17 Mar 03:16 2019 »
You will still have to glue the velcro and if the dogs get active the velcro may let go and dogs have a swim.