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Author Topic: Checking trailer weight  (Read 451 times)

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Checking trailer weight
« on: Thu 14 Mar 07:48 2019 »

Drove past this place yesterday and thought boaters and caravan and camper trailer owners here might be interest in their actual weight.

With insurance dropping you if overweight and RTA doing random roadside checks here and in other states for weights this check may save you money long term.

Don't know the business or used it, saw it and thought post it up
Located at Capalaba/Sheldon area

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Re: Checking trailer weight
« Reply #1 on: Wed 27 Mar 13:01 2019 »
From that website...
"GVM Check gives a $50 discount for RACQ & NRMA members on a RV Rig Weight Check, for a tow vehicle with a van or trailer."

A $50 discount!!!!?????    Gasp!  They must be charging huge fee for their weighing services if they offer a $50 discount. I recall getting a trailer weighed at a public weigh bridge somewhere around Archerfield a few years ago and it did not seem to cost much at all.  It was a few years ago but it was within the last ten years and the fee was only something like $25.

Of course, if you just want to know what your ute or tow vehicle itself weighs, or a car/ute with box trailer, all you have to do is take a load of rubbish to the council tip. They weigh the vehicle before and after you have dumped your rubbish and all it will cost you is a rubbish dumping voucher of which you get ten free ones with your annual Brisbane City Council rates notice.

Measuring your towball weight could probably be done on bathroom scales but, to be sure, I bought a proper Hayman Reese Towball Weight scale at about $62.  It won't get much use but at least I know that after adding a 30 kg Minn-Kota at the from and a couple of 34 kg batteries up front to power it, plus an electric winch, my towball weight is legal for my tow vehicle.

The benefit of going to a public weigh bridge, of course, is that you get a legally OK document showing the weights which is necessary when you are registering a trailer or vehicle for the first time. However, if you just want to check that your rig is still within the legal limits without requiring documentation, there are cheaper/free ways of checking.