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Author Topic: I canít find nuggetís weekly fishing report  (Read 592 times)

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I canít find nuggetís weekly fishing report
« on: Sat 9 Mar 06:21 2019 »
Gíday all,

I know it must be right in front on me but for the life of me I canít find nuggets weekly fishing report on this website. Any help?


Offline heffo

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Re: I canít find nuggetís weekly fishing report
« Reply #1 on: Sat 9 Mar 07:14 2019 »
Posted by Nugget, on 5 July 2018:

I will no longer be posting a weekly fishing report on-line.
Instead, as of next week, July 13, I will be writing a full page of fishing info in the Friday Courier Mail.
The new fishing page will include weather, tides, news, upcoming events, whatís biting and you will also be able to send in photos of your catch or ask questions.
I think this move marks an acknowledgement of the popularity of recreational fishing.
In itís heyday, fishing pages in the news were the most read section, the reason people brought the paper. Over the last six months Iíve noticed a significant swing back to that way of think in media and tourism organisations.

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