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Author Topic: ALVEY GEARED 650  (Read 139 times)

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« on: Mon 11 Feb 15:49 2019 »
Alvey 650 GRC

This is an unusual Alvey reel in that it is geared whilst all other models are fixed center pin reels. It has been engineered as a high-speed spinning reel for chasing seriously big fish like a tailor, mackerel, and tuna from the rocks in Australia.

The 650GRC has a gear ratio of 2.5:1 or in other words the spool turns two and a half times for each turn of the reel handle. With a full spool of line that gives an incredible rate of retrieve of some 48 inches or about 1.25m per turn of the handle.

The 650GRC is a very “solid” virtually indestructible surfcasting reel.

Alvey surf reel New $440 How about $220 Reel in top condition
View in Redland Bay
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