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Author Topic: National Luma 12volt Fridges  (Read 893 times)

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National Luma 12volt Fridges
« on: Thu 7 Feb 21:15 2019 »

Looking at getting on of these to replace my Wacko when it dies again

Anyone own or used Luna?
Pros or cons?

Not cheap option but same footprint as Wacko 60L.

Wacko is drawing 50+amps/24hrs now and service agent reckons thats acceptable :(

Luma is 34amps and about Wacko did as well up to 2 months ago and past 3 years.

From website
Battery Consumption:
34.72 amp/hour 24hr total.
Average amp/hour consumption is measured with a setting of -10oC and 4oC over 24hrs in ambient temperatures 21C x 12hrs (overnight), 32C x 7hrs (morning/evening) and 43C x 5hrs (midday/afternoon).

So is it just advertising or is it accurate comsumption figures?
Longitivity and reliability is main consideration as well

And no, Engal dont have a fridge to fit size availiable

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Re: National Luma 12volt Fridges
« Reply #1 on: Fri 8 Feb 06:04 2019 »
The national Luna are good gear if I was going to buy a fridge in the near future it would be one of them or a trailblazer made locally on the Sunshine Coast I believe( Would be good for any issues can go straight to the factory)
Looking forward to the next trip

Offline crabby1

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Re: National Luma 12volt Fridges
« Reply #2 on: Fri 8 Feb 11:41 2019 »
Actually havent check Trailblaza out for sizing yet. :-[

Parent have had 80L for 15+yrs with minimual issues

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Re: National Luma 12volt Fridges
« Reply #3 on: Sat 9 Feb 14:38 2019 »
One of my suppliers are an agent for them and I found out that they are used in
south africa for transporting medical supplies, and yes they claim very good power
consumption, if the money was no issue I would try one.

Cheers Jason
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