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Author Topic: The mighty mangrove system  (Read 114 times)

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Offline bondy99

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The mighty mangrove system
« on: Thu 28 May 19:40 2020 »
Been awhile since I've been crabbing since one of my legs still not stable, screw the medicos who say take a rest and don't go.

The call of the mangrove system was too irresistible to ignore, it's in my blood. After soaking two pots in the cold water for 2 nights, the lack of mosquitos was welcome, still the midge persist.

About a half can of bushman's with 40% DEET does the job. 

Retrieved my fist pot , what a hoot, 2 keepers, + 2 throwbacks.

Retrieved second and last pot, one toadfish, couple of silver herring and 2 throwback crabs.

Left one pot for another two night session, could do well or zero, better than looking at the yard.

Tested the crabs, done the pinch and tap test. All solid.

Here's the pics.

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    Offline sheik

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    Re: The mighty mangrove system
    « Reply #1 on: Today at 05:40 AM »
    Great result Bondy!

    Offline crabby1

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    Re: The mighty mangrove system
    « Reply #2 on: Today at 06:07 AM »
    Love that copper colour. ;)