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Author Topic: 5 deer species for 2018  (Read 2436 times)

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5 deer species for 2018
« on: Mon 17 Dec 09:18 2018 »
Know it is a fushing site mainly but outdoors forum as well.

2018 set my self goal of 3 deers species.
Things snowballed and on Saturday I hunted my 5th deers species succesfully.
Ended up with 5 species. None are records or win awards if where fish on here I thing. Been hell of a year hunting for me.

Chital and sambar where my first ever ones.

Rusa i have never free chase hunted successfully before but have culled under spotlight in past.

So this one I am claiming as first one as well.

One trip to Victoria for 21days, many trip to NSW for up to 12days long plus even hunted QLD as well.
Spent a small countries economy in petrol or roughly 10 000 at least. Victoria was 4600km alone.

I know photos or it never happened

Fallow Buck

Red stag

Chital stag

Samber spiker in velvet

Rusa stag

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Re: 5 deer species for 2018
« Reply #1 on: Wed 19 Dec 10:52 2018 »
Well done!
How does the meat compare between species?

I love reading the hunting posts, itís something i will probably never do myself but it sure is interesting.
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  • Offline crabby1

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    Re: 5 deer species for 2018
    « Reply #2 on: Wed 19 Dec 17:00 2018 »
    Rusa, then Chital, Sambar, Fallow and last Reds for eating as steaks or roasts.

    If making stirfry or mince or slow wet cooked doesn't matter as the cooking process means nearly eat old boot soles cooked that way.

    Love my Jerky and fallow are too small to use. Once dried its about 1/3 of wet meat.

    The red stag this year was only deer never took meat off ever. He was worn out from 3 week of mating and the poor condition and the smell of rutting was even in the meat more than ever at that time of year. Usually it usable but I was too worn out to be bother even taking as dog food.

    I am meat hunter first usually. Which means when going to kill a deer my location and time of day is usually considered.

    Female Fallow be 10-15kg of boned out meat for freezer and an adult Sambar stag goes over 150kg so 50kg of boned out meat could be expected at least.

    Tonight is the Hog Deer Ballot is Victoria. Over 10years and ever pulled a ballot spot yet. Last Aussie deer species for me.
    Not paying over $5k trophy few to shoot one in a pen area.

    Mine are all free chase and 3 on public land in either NSW or Victoria rather than cheque book hunting.

    Might have been cheaper to pay guide if allow for time away from work and expenses to hunt public land interstate.

    One trip was 3 weeks and 4500km from when left home.

    Just like fishing you wont achieve to much sitting at home.
    Get out and start on your bucket list today.
    Tomorrow never comes and will too late then

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