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Author Topic: NPD 2/12 and 3/12/18  (Read 451 times)

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Offline rayke1938

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NPD 2/12 and 3/12/18
« on: Tue 4 Dec 19:33 2018 »
Sorry for late replies but being playing internet yo yo with nbn trying to find out who is responsible to restore a stable internet connection.
 On sunday I went with Stew and we had a good day with 50 odd bass and a feed of redclaw
Yesterday I went back to npd with regular Rick and newbie owen.
Owen has recently retired and was keen to come along and see what freshwater fishing is all about,He came along with a brand new rod and reel and most importantly a positive attitude.
 After a quick instruction from Rick on how to tie knots and make a paternoster rig we commenced fishing. It took him a little while to catch his first bass but the smile on his face was worth the wait.
Had to give him further tutoring on how to respect his rod and  play a fish and not to wind the fish right to the tip of the rod and lift it into the boat.
 the lesson was brought home when he broke his new rod in half trying to release his hook from a snag.
Fortunately I had a spare near unbreakable rod that I gave him a loan of and suggested that he buy a uglystick or silstar rod that is a bit more forgiving than a carbon fibre one.
Apart from the learning curve he enjoyed the day catching plenty of bass and one yella.
Finished up with a respectable bag of 73 bass and 3 yellas plus a good feed of redclaw shared between owen and Rick.
Weather permitting Owen is coming again on Thursday. 2 spare seats avail if anyone interested.
Just bring a peg for your nose on the ramp.Smells like a wet chook farm but not as bad when I once had to take a load of flyblown hides to the belmont tannery and drums of rotten tallow to provincial traders.

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Offline bondy99

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Re: NPD 2/12 and 3/12/18
« Reply #1 on: Tue 4 Dec 21:33 2018 »
Good effort Ray and Stew,

Sorry to hear about Owen's rod's snapped.

Those Uglysticks are very good and whippy.

Ray, how long has that stench been noticed out there?

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    Re: NPD 2/12 and 3/12/18
    « Reply #2 on: Wed 5 Dec 17:00 2018 »
    Hi Ray , breaking a rod was a bummer! The high modulus graphite rods are great to use ,but you have to be always diligent not to high stick them or bash them about.On the bright side - new rod for Christmas  for Owen !

     I wonder how a solar powered pest deterent device would go on those pelicans .
    Merry Christmas
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    Offline Fisharwashe

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    Re: NPD 2/12 and 3/12/18
    « Reply #3 on: Wed 5 Dec 17:37 2018 »
    Stench happens as they move around and typically as the water level drops.

    I was discussing options for anti percy measures with another regular NPD fisho on Sunday while Ray was getting the trailer and rubber snakes were mentioned, whatever is used has to be able to be easily passed by by the fishos.  Best method would be fine wire/lines as the birds wont put their webbed feet on it but that could trip fishos up.... not sure what the answer is

    My guess is they sit there because it's warm under foot (radiant heat) and usually out of the wind