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Author Topic: 12 Volt Fridge  (Read 488 times)

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12 Volt Fridge
« on: Thu 29 Nov 13:30 2018 »
Hi Guru's

I'm looking to buy a second 12 volt fridge.  Currently have a Engel mr40f never had a drama with it.  I have narrowed my choice down to either another mr40f, companion 40 liter or cfx 28 or 35.  Does anyone have any feedback from experiences with the companion fridges or the new cfx.  From what I can see they use a different motor now not the danfoss.  The companion is cheaper but not sure on quality.  Both Engel and cfx seem to be similar price.

Any advice and feedback is welcome.

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  • Offline crabby1

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    Re: 12 Volt Fridge
    « Reply #1 on: Thu 29 Nov 14:41 2018 »
    Forget  Weaco as mines in for repair again 12months later if that. Another $200 at least if can find the issue plus stupid display board cant read again.

    Engal or look at Bushman.

    Mates Bushman was just out of warranty and died. They replaced with new one.

    Evacool is doing good deals factory direct.  Never used one myself.

    Offline datcol

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    Re: 12 Volt Fridge
    « Reply #2 on: Thu 29 Nov 17:46 2018 »
     EVACOOL   great fridge & excellent company the mats & i have run them for the last 10 to 15 years have had a few small problems mostly no fault of the fridge  things like doping it from of the back of the Ute broke hing  went up to the factory to get a new one they supply it at no charge  Had a contact plug came loos & would loose contact & turn of spoke to the factory & was told that they had a upgrade plug so sent to me no charge & other small items never any big problems my 110 fiberglass one only runs on low setting or it wants to freeze everything 
     Cheers COL

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    Re: 12 Volt Fridge
    « Reply #3 on: Fri 30 Nov 07:20 2018 »
    Have you also considered the Engel Eclipse?  It has a plastic case and the temp is set to a number not a temperature, still uses the sawfuji swing motor.
    Danfoss is no longer, it is now Secop?  The CX Waecos used the Secop compressor and were pretty handy and then the earlier CFX had issues as they changed to there own compressor but they have improved from there.
    I would go an Engel.

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    Re: 12 Volt Fridge
    « Reply #4 on: Fri 30 Nov 11:21 2018 »
    I've had an Engel for 40 years, still never misses a beat.
    10 years ago I added a Evakool, the poly one with the motor on the outside / end.
    It also has never let me down although it has trouble starting if the battery is low.
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    Offline gene

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    Re: 12 Volt Fridge
    « Reply #5 on: Sat 8 Dec 14:42 2018 »
    Have had cfx35 in new kenworth for 2.5 years going all day everyday except sundays.cant fault it