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Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Explosive Pine action
« Last post by Freeeedom on Mon 30 Mar 13:55 2020 »
Click on the photo and you'll see it the right way round. Don't know why photos taken with my phone always seem to do this.
Cheers Freeeedom
Estuary / River / Bay / Explosive Pine action
« Last post by Freeeedom on Mon 30 Mar 13:53 2020 »
Could hardly find a prawn in the Pine this morning. Just managed enough for a small session. Had about six takes in quick succession which resulted in
       A long hard fight with some spectacular jumps, the last jump onto the back board of the boat and the fish sliding back into the water resulting in the fish now tethered to the boat by a loop of line around my motor cables, ending in a bust off.
       A second hook-up almost immediately, with a similar fight and the fish eventually landed, photographed and released. Estimated at about 57 cm  - a PB for me on tarpon (but the first one was even bigger!)
       Two more hook-ups with almost instantaneous cut-offs.
       Two more takes which failed to hook-up.
Then the fish went home and so did I.
Cheers Freeeedom
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Freshwater / Re: Another epic paddle
« Last post by mighty quinn on Sat 28 Mar 13:14 2020 »
They are all great fish,thanks for the pics
Freshwater / Another epic paddle
« Last post by Outcast on Sat 28 Mar 11:37 2020 »
Nice to see a clean running river for a change but not so nice paddling against the flow and wind for half of that (15k's), certainly easier coming home though. Fishing got better the further I went with Sooties fairly constant, the odd Toga and a Couple of Cod one of which certainly got my attention on the 10lb braid-15lb leader, guess some fish are meant to be.
Surf / Re: South straddie
« Last post by Tonyh on Fri 27 Mar 11:56 2020 »
Good on ya Cus you are becomming a bit of a wizbang on them Tailor
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: 2020 prawn season
« Last post by Henry on Fri 27 Mar 07:58 2020 »
4 kg yesterday southside. There was a bit in all the usual spots from Saltworks to powerlines. Patches were only small and cleaned up fairly quick
General Discussion / Re: Project
« Last post by beach bum on Thu 26 Mar 20:54 2020 »
Easiest bit will be bolting on the rego plate from the other trailer😎 Good luck Ray they donít stand a chance
General Discussion / Re: Project
« Last post by rayke1938 on Thu 26 Mar 19:33 2020 »
I thought about starting today but deferred the decision till tomorrow. Do not wish to make a decision on how to start. Cheers Ray
General Discussion / Re: Project
« Last post by crabby1 on Thu 26 Mar 14:58 2020 »
When you do give those diver whiting and sand crabs a touch up ;)

At least not like NZ where all freshwater fishing is banned atm
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