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Noticeboard / Re: Forum
« Last post by bondy99 on Today at 09:22 PM »
G'day Dave,
I just signed up and registered using Internet Explorer 11. It went through the process no probs., received confirmation saying account is Active.

One issue was noticed, when I tried to post something in the section say something of yourself. The capture does not work. It was not possible to slide the heart into the circle and submit.

Whether this is an issue with Internet Explorer 11 or other. Maybe I could use FireFox and see if same problem exists.

Freshwater / Re: Murray Cod 13/12
« Last post by TheGurn on Sun 15 Dec 08:54 2019 »
Who da guru?
You da guru !
Freshwater / Re: Murray Cod 13/12
« Last post by crabby1 on Sat 14 Dec 16:25 2019 »
Size of the lures those cod hit ???

Hungry fish
Freshwater / Murray Cod 13/12
« Last post by Outcast on Sat 14 Dec 13:23 2019 »
I reckon a couple a dozen between us for the day was a bit of a result considering the low water and bulk weed giving us in most places only a foot of fishable water but thankfully that's just enough for the swimbaits and the Cod loved 'em, topwater was also getting plenty of aggressive hits but weirdly very few connected, spinnerbaits accounted for a couple but were tough to fish with all the weed.
Very happy to see the Cod in such good nick and although the weed's a pain it does give the fish some cover and protection and it seems a pretty good food source as they were all very fit.
Wanted to Buy / Re: Sinker moulds
« Last post by mighty quinn on Thu 12 Dec 20:46 2019 »
Making your own moulds not an option? cheap as and easy if you have a sinker the right size as a master,just make sure the plaster is bone dry and warmed up before you pour.youtube link below
Wanted to Buy / Sinker moulds
« Last post by Burger on Thu 12 Dec 19:33 2019 »
Looking to buy size 12 and or 14 ball sinker moulds. They are as rare as hens teeth apparently.
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: Multipliying chook carcas
« Last post by crabby1 on Thu 12 Dec 15:21 2019 »
This spot your crabbing in might be someones secret 3m flathead spot ;D
Its just some burley in your pots
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: Multipliying chook carcas
« Last post by bondy99 on Thu 12 Dec 14:09 2019 »
Hi guys,

Yes, it is getting like that.

I watched an invention on the inventors programme before it was axed. An Australian inventor came up with a buoy that can be submerged and come to the surface using a special signal signature that will only respond to the owners own handset. It worked brilliantly, mostly for commercial marine industry, the technology is here, to downscale so it can work for crab pot floats would be the go if economical, there would be a big demand if it was. Obviously this works with a boat and GPS. not landbased application.

Freshwater / NPD 11/12/19
« Last post by rayke1938 on Wed 11 Dec 16:44 2019 »
Another good day at NPD in the PRFMA area with Rick still driving as I am still waiting for parts from Nissan. Latest excuse is parts are held up in Melbourne due to bushfires.
Been a week since we were there so redclaw numbers were down with 2 pots having holes chewed in them so 20 redclaw from 8 pots.
Took a while to find a school of bass but we finally found a couple of migrating schools behind the island that we were able to follow before losing them.
We had 45 fish by 9.30 and when we knocked off at 11.30 we had only increased the tally to 54 bass,1 yella and a forky that percy enjoyed. Bass were a good size with 3 over 49 Photos on facebook. Cheers Ray
Noticeboard / Re: Forum
« Last post by Nugget on Wed 11 Dec 15:56 2019 »
I'm trying a new registration plugin which seems to be working but not fully configured yet - thanks
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