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Freshwater / Late and Brief NPD 19/6/19
« Last post by rayke1938 on Today at 07:41 PM »
Good day apart from sharefarmers. Luckily they only did the pots in one area so Rick still got a feed,
85 bass and one tandan and perfect day once the cool westerly died down, Only a couple of photos as a bass sploofed on my camera and lens cover stuck closed.
Fishing / Re: Changes to Fisheries Legistation
« Last post by Fisharwashe on Today at 06:08 PM »
beat me to the punch Commodore!   ;)
News / Media Releases / Re: Utter Madness for Moreton Bay!!
« Last post by Fisharwashe on Today at 06:07 PM »
So a 3rd Govt "notice" was issued today, that Wide Bay Burnett, Moreton Bay and now Qld Fisheries in general....  something is a foot  ... don't say you didn't know about them when the changes happen
Fishing / Changes to Fisheries Legistation
« Last post by rayke1938 on Today at 04:38 PM »
Copy of email



Have your say on changes to fisheries legislation - by Monday 19 July 2019


fisheriesmanagers <fisheriesmanagers@daf.qld.gov.au>


20 Jun at 3:11 pm

Have your say - Changes to fisheries legislation by Monday 19 July 2019

In June 2017, the Queensland Government released the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy (the Strategy) paving the way for Queensland to have a world-class fisheries management system.

To implement fisheries reforms additional changes to the Fisheries Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) are required.

Extensive consultation has occurred over the last 18 months, with results of consultation available online atwww.fisheries.qld.gov.au. All feedback has been considered by the relevant working groups and the Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel and a number of changes have been made as a result of feedback.

A discussion paper has been developed to provide all stakeholders with the opportunity to have a say about the proposed amendments to the Fisheries Regulation 2008.

Key proposed changes include:


splitting fisheries into regions

establishing sustainable catch limits for crab, east coast inshore and trawl and snapper and pearl perch

allocating quota and effort units to individuals

adjusting size limits from pearl perch and king threadfin

introducing a one month seasonal closure for snapper and pearl perch to rebuild overfished stocks

reducing the mud crab in-possession limit from 10 to 7

introducing boat limits for priority blackmarket species

introducing a new general possession limit of 20 for any species that doesn’t have a current limit

banning lightweight crab pots that ‘ghost fish’.


You can provide feedback by completing the online survey or downloading the response form and submitting it by email or post:

Online:              www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/fisheries/sustainable/sustainable-fisheries-strategy/fisheries-reforms

Email:              fisheriesmanagers@daf.qld.gov.au

Mail:                Proposed amendments to the Fisheries Regulation

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

GPO Box 46

Brisbane Qld 4001


Want to talk to us about the proposed changes?

Should you require any information please contact the Department's Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23 or visitwww.fisheries.qld.gov.au. If you would like to talk to a Fishery Manager about the proposed changes, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23 to arrange a call back at a time that is suitable for you.
Noticeboard / Re: Retiring
« Last post by cus on Today at 01:41 PM »
All the best in retirement Dave!
Life starts now mate .... let the good times roll.
Noticeboard / Re: Retiring
« Last post by Fishy mick on Today at 12:21 PM »
Its great that all is going well for you.
Im like Bags,I dont know about Facebook,maybe I will learn one day.
While you had the fire going you should have invited one of those neighbours over for dinner ;)
Noticeboard / Re: Retiring
« Last post by Bags on Wed 19 Jun 22:49 2019 »
Looks like a top spot. Enjoy you retirement up there.
I won’t be following on FaceBook but I’d like to thank you for putting this forum together. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the years I’ve been on it.
All the best
Noticeboard / Re: Retiring
« Last post by Nugget on Wed 19 Jun 19:31 2019 »
Had a little first night campfire BBQ...
Noticeboard / Re: Retiring
« Last post by Nugget on Wed 19 Jun 19:25 2019 »
Thanks all, looking forward to the new life.
I bought a Mitsubishi Canter pantec to do the move, no way I could get it all ready for a one trip removalist, this way I'll do multiple trips as I have the stuff packed - move at my leisure.
Took the first load up on Monday, met a few of the locals who seem to think they own our block!!
Happy to say we have been made a very fair offer by Main Roads which we have accepted.
News / Media Releases / Re: Utter Madness for Moreton Bay!!
« Last post by TheGurn on Wed 19 Jun 09:31 2019 »
And I'm guessing they're obliged to follow 'due process' by including a notification and feedback period when any plan is put forward, regardless of any changes or not.

That's my take on it at least.
I still believe the intention of this clause is to prevent extended layovers for vessels in the bay/park, but it definately needs clarification in the revised plan to avoid it applying to recreational use. I don't know how they'd word that without creating a loophole to be abused tho.

Hope I'm right.
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