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Fishing / Re: lost reel-
« Last post by wettinney on Today at 05:55 PM »
Steve, may be time to go back to a alvey 

Fishing / Re: lost reel-
« Last post by stingraysteve on Today at 05:16 PM »
cheers guys, lost it in about 15 mtrs of pretty well human unfriendly water. The fish that took it was (in my opinion) a monster. It was all over in 1 second- wouldn't be surprised if my rig is somewhere around Mud island now- Steve
Fishing / Re: lost reel-
« Last post by Freeeedom on Today at 01:35 PM »
I haven't tried a fishing magnet, but a couple of times when I've lost unsecured rods over the side to sudden runs by decent fish, I've gone back to the same spot the next day armed with snorkeling gear and managed to recover the rod in pretty quick time - to my great surprise! As long as the water isn't too deep, it might be worth a try.
Cheers Freeeedom
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Amity Point
« Last post by Daryl McPhee on Today at 10:59 AM »
Landbased Bondy. I stay at Amity Point these days rather than Dunwich. Better fishing opportunities.

Doctorprice, those in the west say Chinaman are good eating. I have seen them for sale in the fish markets in Samoa.
Camping & Outback Travel / Re: Hot showers
« Last post by TheGurn on Today at 10:10 AM »
Here's what I built 20 years ago before the "hot water boxes" were available. Never had a problem. One 25 litre drum = 2 satisfying non stop hot showers with enough left for the dishes. Or chuck the pump in the creek for endless hot water. (Consider/respect the environment) Almost Instant hot water. Wife won't come camping without it. Ha.

Whale 921 12v pump. (On my second after 20 years and a lot of use). Fits in drum. Stand alone battery or car cigarette lighter.

Roll of copper (or ally) pipe coiled (4 coils) and stuffed into 150mm ally tube.

Single burner with slightly drilled out jet.

Shower head partially blocked with hot melt glue to increase pressure and reduce flow rate.

Very worthwhile cheap project if you camp alot. IMO.
Soldered joints are fine.

IMORTANT: If anyone builds one. Avoid very hot scalding water and damage. The burner is the last thing you turn on and the first turned off . Tip: For future showers, once you get the temp set on the burner, turn gas off at bottle.

Camping & Outback Travel / Re: Hot showers
« Last post by TheGurn on Today at 09:33 AM »
My brother had a glind.
Apart from the hot water being enjoyable, apparently he had all sorts of problems controlling/setting the temperature.
All depended on motor revs, ambient temp of water, car motor temp, heater settings, flow rate.
Changed every day.

Going thru most of his water supply getting it right each day with too many variables just got the better of him in the end and he ripped it out.

Estuary / River / Bay / Re: School holiday fishing with the kids
« Last post by TheGurn on Today at 09:24 AM »
Ha. Your little one sounds like my grandson. Greedy little buggers. Where do they put it all?
But they earn it... so what can you do? Get used to them bragging too. Lol
Great to see.
And so it begins. There'll be no stopping them now.

Fishing / Re: lost reel-
« Last post by Pootsy on Today at 07:58 AM »
mate, go back to that spot with a fishing magnet and find the reel and pull it back up.  Easy (in theory)
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Amity Point
« Last post by DOCTORPRICE on Sun 20 Oct 19:24 2019 »
Great feed there.
Curious, I know you canít eat chinamen here in Qld but believe you can in other states like WA. Does anyone know how they are on the chew?
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: School holiday fishing with the kids
« Last post by DOCTORPRICE on Sun 20 Oct 19:19 2019 »
Thank you mate, certainly was.
My four year old ate all the flathead she caught, none of us got a look in.
The 53cm snapper was whole baked and bloody delicious.
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