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Rod Shop

Old rods are worth repairing
and it’s not as expensive as you might think.

We love restoring the classics – Snyder Glas, Butterworth, Sportex – they don’t make surf rods of that quality any more.
If you’ve got a favourite rod that has a broken runner or tip, loose reel seat, broken butt, worn out grips – we can fix it. Need it fixed fast? – no problem, we’ll get it done in time for your trip. If you want your rod modified – longer butt, high mount stripper guide, shorter or longer length – we can do that too. Need an family heirloom restored – even to hang on the wall – we have a large range of antique fittings and components to bring it back to it’s original glory. Do you want a custom rod built? We have a large range of blanks on-hand and can source almost any brand or style to suit your needs. Free Quotes – We will give you a firm price before we do any repairs – and we will stick to that price. Free Advice – not sure if it’s worth repairing? We’ll give you honest advice to help you decide. Give us a call -0427003787  or click Here to email

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Broken rod, loose or damaged reel seat damaged grips, damaged guides or tips etc. are all minor repairs, don’t cost much and well worth doing. We can usually do the repairs cheaper than you can buy the parts from a retail shop. Going fish and need it fixed quick? – no problem!


We can make your old favourite look new again – re-colouring the blank to remove scratches or worn areas, replace guides, grips etc to make it look new again. Wether you want to hang it on the wall or get it ready for next season – it’s usually cheaper than buying a replacement.


Looking for something special, built a specific way? We have a large range of blanks you can look at and can source just about any blank you like. Custom built the way you want it and to your budget. Surf, estuary, offshore, freshwater – spin, Alvey, baitcast, overhead.