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Club information

What we do and how to get involved.

Nugget Fishing is a family friendly Club with monthly competitions, weigh in and social BBQ. The rules are pretty simple – the competitions starts midnight Thursday, you can fish anywhere you like as long as you’re at the weigh in by 12 midday Sunday. We cater for all types of fishing with several categories including inshore / offshore / surf and freshwater. We’re pretty conservation minded, you can only weigh in one of any species, you can also show a brag mat photo of a fish you caught and released in the sportfish category. Each time you weigh in, or show a brag mat photo, you accrue points towards the annual championship awards.

Weigh ins are held Skinners Park Carbrook, the site of our future Clubhouse. You don’t need to weigh in or even have gone fishing to come to a weigh in – everyone is welcome, even if they’re not a member. There are no fees of any sort to join, weigh in or be a member – the Club is totally free. We usually have a raffle at the weigh ins which you are welcome to buy tickets in if you choose. We also have a gold coin donation sausage sizzle. 

Come down and meet the members, bring the family, kids most welcome. Click on the calendar link in the menu at the top of the page see the dates for all Club events. If you have any questions or want more information, use the contact link to email us.
The monthly Club BBQ and weigh-in are held at Skinners Park Carbrook, the site of our proposed Clubhouse.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.