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Author Topic: Qld State Forest Hunting e petition  (Read 1469 times)

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Offline crabby1

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Qld State Forest Hunting e petition
« on: Wed 5 Sep 16:54 2018 »

Any one that hunts or has passion for the outdoors may wish to read this E petition and hopefully sign it.

Unlike fishing where most public water ways you can fish, Hunters in Qld as general rule cant hunt in state forests in QLD.
I personally travel 3 or 4times per year to NSW and Victoria where I can legally hunt with correct licences and permits. Even travelled to NZ and hunted public land legally.

But currently can not do so legally

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Offline Angry51

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Re: Qld State Forest Hunting e petition
« Reply #1 on: Wed 5 Sep 18:15 2018 »

 Thanks for the petition notice crabby1.
I have always wanted to hunt  State land as in N.Q. that is where the pigs and dogs breed.
State govt doesn't do any control, be a boost for farmers if the pests can be controlled there.

Offline crabby1

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Re: Qld State Forest Hunting e petition
« Reply #2 on: Wed 5 Sep 19:51 2018 »
The money to the states economy the state forest hunting would generate is amazing.

The locals would spend more in gear and fuel. Interstate and even overseas hunters would come.

State government would require less $$ on feral control and more feral killed and native flora and fauna would benefit as well.

In rough money Victoria for state forest, reserves and NP hunting is value at $400million per year.

NSW government values state forest hunting at $150mill.

QLD would be able to have as you say interstate hunter travel to FNQLD for pigs alone or even SEQ hunters. Say 4000km minimum worth of fuel per vehicle. Be $1000 in diesel alone. Add accommodation costs, food from grocers and servo food as travel. 2 blokes 2 weeks trip $400? Any other costs or spending like tyres and new gear for stuff that fails while away. Even if adult drinks of say $50/week that an extra $200 for those 2 hunters on 2 week trip up north. Small towns will benefit from spending.

Most hunters fish as well so if theres something extra a 2 week fishing trip may become 3 week fishing and huntig trip. Not many eco tourist BS tourist attractions raise the money that hunting does.

On a personal note for hunting and my money spent in outside of Brisbane to hunt state land of other states.

I have down 2 trips away this year. One was 9hours away or 800km one way. Was there for 12days. Would have been 2000km travel in total or $500 for petrol. Add food while traveling and restocking after week in bush be no less than $200 as bought servo food and when went to Tamworth twice I had a pub lunch. It rained for 6days straight so any reason to dry out for couple hours. So about $700 at least and most spent in NSW

Other trip was just over the nsw border and about 800km travel total for 7days or about $400 spent. Half of that was in NSW

I have 3 weeks coming up that going to Victoria. 4000km trip at least and have $1000 aside minimum for petrol
. Allowing another $1000 for food, accommodation on return trip as after 3 weeks away a motel on night will be needed, any vehicle repairs/maintance and other stuff that spend in 3weeks away from home. The camp in the NSW and Victorian forests is free unlike the $20/night in QLD campgrounds.

Not to make this about me but there is plenty of hunters in QLD that do similar and want access legal access to forest in our own state.

Will help get the current and next generation away from screen and actually outside.
As fisherman just look at the fishing ground closures in NSW and close to the border.
If you think government and greenies in QLD are planning doing the same then need to wake up.

Support this petition sends a message to pollies to say everyone want more access to our crown land and water that's owned by the people.
To lock it up and not be seen or used by the people it may as well not exist is my opinion

Offline Fishy mick

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Re: Qld State Forest Hunting e petition
« Reply #3 on: Thu 6 Sep 08:12 2018 »
Signed. I dont hunt,but it does make sence. You dont have to be a hunter to vote for what sounds like a good thing. They want a 3 year trial,so lets see after 3 years if it works or we fill the place with drunken yobbos who shoot everything and everyone they see.
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