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Author Topic: Solar Panel for the 4x4  (Read 983 times)

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Solar Panel for the 4x4
« on: Tue 3 Jul 09:55 2018 »
There is a guy down at Pimpama advertising 190W solar panels with a PWD regulator for $120 each. They are Trina Solar panels (China) and my research says they are a good panel. Is this too cheap and what should I be looking for in Voltage, Amps coming from these panels. I have a 25amp Projector DC-DC charger on my aux battery setup, that also is an MPPT regulator. Any advice?


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Re: Solar Panel for the 4x4
« Reply #1 on: Tue 3 Jul 14:50 2018 »
Broken record but Dont use that solar input.

Instead get Victron 75/15 mppt for about $150.
2nd household panel $50
Cable and plugs $50-100.
12v panels cant match it performance.
The mppt will reduce down to zero watts input off an alternator feeding the battery as is over 18months proven in vehicle at my place. Fridge is currently drawing 250whr/24hrs.

Only thing is I dont know if the dc/dc will pick up on the solar mppt input and not charge?
That part I cant answer.

If you have 12v battery basically requires 14.5v to charge.
For solar to charge you require 4.5v extra so solar requires 19.0volts before any amoerage is returned into battery.
Less than 19.0v it may help run devices but wont be charging battery.

Now 12volt panels are usually VOC of 21-23volts so requires strong direct light to charge or about inly 4hrs per day atm.
Summer may get 6hrs on average.
Thats if you do the sunflower and track the sun and move panel a few times.

If you want to hunt or fish then forget 12volt panels.

Now with household panel of VOC of say 44volts even indirect sunlight you will produce over 19.0 volts  or a charging rate to infeed amps into the battery. This gives me up to 8hrs/24hrs charging.
Summers over 10hrs of charging.
No need to sunflower the panel either but if do give it direct sunlight and if battery requires amps then it will feed up to 15amps and up 75volts and 250watt input.

Think you have my number if want to takk or drop in sometime and will show you 30days of download actual use.
My batteries get no charge of vehicle alternator.

Others will have different options.

But for $120 buy the 190watt 12volt panels and throw the pwm in bin and use the mppt of the dc/dc charger ;)
Just check to see if that model dcdc requires change over relay for when vehicle engine is running