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Author Topic: NPD 11/6/18  (Read 450 times)

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NPD 11/6/18
« on: Mon 11 Jun 19:17 2018 »

  Got to write this up myself so short and sweet. ::)

Back to NPD this morning with Rick. When we were there yesterday we replaced 4 of our shrimp traps with opera house pots and the move paid off.

I thought we would do ok with the pots having only an overnight soak and the plan paid off with 85 redclaw out of 8 pots.

We still had plenty of shrimp left over from yesterday and headed downstream to Andrews dropoff where he had non stop action. Glad we had a cuppa and something to eat on the way down as by 10 0clock we declared a break to have a bite to eat and a rest from catching fish.

When we first pulled up I was a greedy bugger and set up 3 rods all at different depths and ended up with a triple hook up and a horrible tangle that I just cut away and went to just one rod.

We saw Ferg trolling around and invited him over and he was happy to immediately score a couple of 45cm bass which was a consolation prize after losing a large toga earlier on.

The bite slowed down after our break so we decided we would have an early knock off and ended up with 95 bass and 1 tandan.



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Re: NPD 11/6/18
« Reply #1 on: Mon 11 Jun 23:53 2018 »
Thanks for the report Ray
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