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Author Topic: Phone - USB Charger  (Read 255 times)

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Offline Whirly

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Phone - USB Charger
« on: Fri 25 May 23:53 2018 »
With all the gear that gets charged via USB port these days - most importantly mobile phones, I installed a USB charger in my boat last week. A small and cheap safety feature - Approx $14 on Ebay for a duel Blue or Green one. No installation instructions but it's hard to go wrong with only two contact pins.

Offline CrabFree

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Re: Phone - USB Charger
« Reply #1 on: Sat 26 May 00:41 2018 »
To avoid the wait of postage go to JayCar
They're cheap and overflowing with goodies you can only dream about

Offline crabby1

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Re: Phone - USB Charger
« Reply #2 on: Sat 26 May 08:28 2018 »
Remember to used the 2.1amp outlet for smart phone and tablets.

If not marked is there a way to tell output rating of usb outlet?

Got usb outlets everywhere including sloar set up kids cubby house

Added one to my new switch setup for controlling batterys on ute
Handy as anyone can charge their stuff and ute can be locked up rather than keys in ute and in ON position.

Have put twin USB and cigarette  outlet into my other vehicles that only have the cranking battery.
As direct wired so no keys in ignition and reduc the chance of flat battery I used an adjustable vsr that I have set at 11.9volt cut off. Plenty other fixed vsr are cheaper but cut off voltage is closer to 11.4volts that does damage battery and if a vehicle battery wont start car reliable. Outboard may get away with it

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