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Author Topic: Bretty's Guide repair  (Read 1913 times)

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Bretty's Guide repair
« on: Thu 15 Mar 20:04 2018 »
Thought you guys in this section might like this one!
Time has prevented me from getting my surf rods to the weigh in's for a repair job from the expert's, I had 2 rods with broken 1st guide's, an easy repair and not to exy either but the more I looked at these in the shed it made me want something a bit different, maybe new, sort of way out there in the guide department!
I had a 1m Sq carbon fiber cloth from a project that never came to fruition, also had plenty of epoxy resin left as well so I set about making my very own carbon fiber guide! I had every intention of making the entire guide from carbon fiber but it became a finicky and troublesome making the frame etc so I made just the ring and mounted it to the frames that were still both well in tact, it was the stainless rings that had the welds either break or corrode away,
so that became the plan, a carbon fiber guide ring moulded onto the existing stainless frame.

I started by cutting two strips of cloth, 3 inch by 1 meter, then wrapped it round a piece of 50mm poly tube, actually it was the bottom of my sand spike that had cracked so i used that!  As I rolled the cloth round the poly tube I used liberal amounts of epoxy resin fully soaking each layer untill both strips of cloth are wrapped round the poly tube, in all 14 wraps of 200 gsm went on the roll . The crack came in handy  once it cured to be able to get the poly tube out from inside the now cured carbon fiber tube!
The carbon tube ended up being about 6mm thick, it was as hard as steel but without the weight, when thrown onto the concrete it had a light plastic sound and bounced all over the place like rubber, it really was a strange bit of gear I had created!
I Then made a crude jig up to cut some rings from the tube! the first ring was a shocker, 12mm wide at one end and 6 at the other!  at least it was lineal and I still used it on the experimental rod. Then I made some glue up from resin and carbon dust from the cutting process, this was used to glue the ring to the frame, then the next day a light sand and the carbon laying process begins. I chopped up a few strands of carbon fiber into small piece's and mixed it into the resin to make a fiberous paste,it still has the fibers locked in but is able to be shaped, this is pushed and shaped over the stainless steel frame ends. the frist adhesion was a shocker too, I fiddled around for too long and the resin started going off before I had finished, this caused a panic and I ended up putting too much resin and cloth where I didnt want it, it went really bad the first rod but I pressed on.
While this was drying I began work on the second ring, made it much smaller and cut it better too!  after the first shocker I had learnt a bit and everything from gluing to paint went way better!
the next day I was gobsmacked at how strong the adhesion went, yes its bulky, yes its fat looking and yes the rod will break before the guide ring does.
I managed to grind and sand a fair bit off the first ring I made  but the second one was made better and required only the rounding off to finish it!
So there we have it, Brettys carbon fiber guide ring!  I was really surprised at how easy this carbon was to work with, exactly the same principle as fiber glass, it cuts and sands easily and drilling holes is a breeze, only the cost is what will raise an eyebrow, at the end of the day Ive achieved my goal with the project, yes it may have been 10 times cheaper to get it done properly but then that wouldnt be bretty would it!
thanks for watchin!

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Re: Bretty's Guide repair
« Reply #1 on: Fri 16 Mar 08:23 2018 »
Nice work BB,here's my tip I have heaps or guides at home and if it's only the center broken 9 times out of 10 I can just pop another center in with a spot of the old super glue for security.I actually got a box of around 100 assorted cheap guides on eBay just for the centers,cost me about $10.
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    Re: Bretty's Guide repair
    « Reply #2 on: Fri 16 Mar 08:56 2018 »
    Great work Bretty, should hold up well I reckon

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    Re: Bretty's Guide repair
    « Reply #3 on: Fri 16 Mar 13:14 2018 »
    You never cease to amaze me bretty. They look flasher than a rat with a gold tooth.
    Looking forward to the next trip

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    Offline rosco

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    Re: Bretty's Guide repair
    « Reply #4 on: Sat 17 Mar 06:03 2018 »
    Only at Bretty's place of amazing dreams can these projects come true.


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