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Author Topic: Decent garden nozzle  (Read 1648 times)

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Decent garden nozzle
« on: Tue 13 Mar 08:37 2018 »

I bought one of these and used it yesterday for first time
Was away for 10 days and over 6 days it rained. Mud, gravel and all over mess can off well enough that I did not bother getting out my gerni ;)

Was sick of standard hand nozzles and jets and the bit of length help too get into spots and have the pressure where need it, The ball valve is great as well.
Fan spray would be good for washing down the boat

Just wondering where would be able buy a 1.2 or 1.5m tube and then fit 90' fitting so can wash directly under the 4wd as well?

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Re: Decent garden nozzle
« Reply #1 on: Tue 13 Mar 17:01 2018 »
Without seeing it I'd be thinking it's all standard 1/2 water pipe so your easiest way out is to do it in copper from the ball valve with brass BSP to compression fittings.
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  • Offline crabby1

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    Re: Decent garden nozzle
    « Reply #2 on: Wed 14 Mar 06:56 2018 »
    You be most likely correct.
    I want to use the nozzle in 90' section off the straight piece.
    The nozzle is main part of the set up.

    Cant but the parts cheaper than the complete item as with most items