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 Hi all,

 Mods , please excuse,  not sure if posting in the right area  so feel free to re position/ action. Re visited the rules as  I am not a  employee of the organisation / store etc  thought  it OK-Sorry if I missed something there. Just some positive feedback.

 We so often hear bad reports and many are quick to burr up/ find error and have high expectations for our  dollar .  This post is just a  thank you for some great customer service and credit where due. We are fortunate  on the  Brisbane north side to have a selection of great tackle stores - Lawnton ,Carseldine and Chermside offering great service and expert advice.

 Went to a recent  member's club night at  the large boating camping fishing retail store at Lawnton. A good night-   raffles, feed and  info seminars. I was lucky enough to win one of the many raffles- tackle box /lures  ( valued @ $80) - happy I was. Got home opened the box to find two thirds of the lures had all thier hooks missing,cut or bent.

 Went back the next morning a little undecided-it was a raffle prize - free ticket-  maybe there is really no legal requirement there at all to make good . However  I didn't think it right. Hoped they would be able to offer  a solution- or  at least they are then advised about something dodgy and at least  have had the  chance to recity.

  From the store entry greeting  to the end was a positve  experience. On explaining the issue I was offerred a store credit of $80 immediatly and made feel welcome that  I had brought the issue to notice.  aparently a supplier had been tasked to make up the packs so hpe they followed through with that Supplier.

  Both the senior member and the young lady behing the counter were excellent in their presentation/ manner and customer service/ focus.   A credit to the store and chain. Often I think it is how you are delt with in these or similar scenarios-  that provide an indiction how good retailers can be.

 I left a happy fisher with a Weber baby Q  BBQ. First roast coming up tonight- thank you.



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« Reply #1 on: Mon 12 Feb 18:30 2018 »
Well done mate!  Good service should always be rewarded and acknowledged