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Author Topic: Aldi vacuum sealers  (Read 4099 times)

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Offline crabby1

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Aldi vacuum sealers
« on: Tue 31 Jan 08:48 2017 »
They are back again this weekend.

Not designed for butchershop use but at $60 well worth it for at home use.

Buy some extra rolls as well as does not get much cheaper.

Used with 600W inverter I bag out my vension while still in the bush.
Can safe store meats above 0'c as air is not getting into for bacteria do it stuff


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Offline BigBoat

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Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
« Reply #1 on: Wed 1 Feb 11:33 2017 »
I bought one about 7 or 8 years ago.  Still going strong!!

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Offline Red

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Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
« Reply #2 on: Wed 1 Feb 17:16 2017 »
Great product, but bags are hard to come by so buy extras at this price.

Note: If freezing snags, make sure you freeze the snags first, THEN seal them in the bag. If you try to vac them down when fresh they get the stuffing squeezed out of them.

I use them for fish fillets,chook fillets,mango slices to keep them( use a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar on them first) and even cooked meals that I can warm up later in boiled water or open the bag and warm up in the microwave.
Many folks use them for portion control when trying to lose weight too!


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Offline Daryl McPhee

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Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
« Reply #3 on: Wed 1 Feb 19:49 2017 »
Hey Red,

I just recently vacuum packed some snags. Let's just say I now seem to largely have a frozen pile of somewhat squashed sausage mince.

I hadn't thought it through.....

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    Offline Fisharwashe

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    Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
    « Reply #4 on: Wed 1 Feb 21:53 2017 »
    Buy the large bags and cut them in half to make 2.  Best value I've found as it doubles the amount and they are a better sized bag than the roll in width.

    Offline Fishy mick

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    Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
    « Reply #5 on: Thu 2 Feb 12:11 2017 »
    After you use them for food,wash them out and use them again for bait.
    Not all tools are usefull

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    Offline Coral Trout

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    Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
    « Reply #6 on: Sun 6 Aug 14:36 2017 »
    Guys - and anyone else using these things.  I saw a great hack a little while ago.  If you place a small sheet of hard plastic with grooves on one side inside the top of the bag and place this just inside the foam seal when you pack - you can use normal cryovac bags.  This allows the air in the bag to be sucked out - but does not affect the seal as this happens upstream of the foam sealed area.  In the example the plastic grooves were made with a soldering iron - but maybe a modified comb could be OK.  I don't use my home unit anymore due to the cost of bags and I did the ultimate thing and bought a chamber vac.  If I knew about the comb trick I may never have bought the chamber vac.

    Just defrosting some vacuum packed prawns for dinner actually.  I take the tail spike and head off and they suck down really well.

    Also - that comment about keeping meat above 0Deg in vacuum - be very careful - the worst of toxins come from airless environments.  Yes you can age your kills in vacuum for a time at low temps before freezing and this does work a treat - but the temps have to be 2 DegC.

    Offline CrabFree

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    Re: Aldi vacuum sealers
    « Reply #7 on: Sat 12 May 11:56 2018 »
    Has anyone tried the Kings Vac Sealer

    Everyone seems to use Aldi but im looking to buy now