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Author Topic: Non Gender Crabs  (Read 1061 times)

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Non Gender Crabs
« on: Sat 13 Jan 12:28 2018 »

In line with the removal of gender details on QLD Driving Licenses;

QLD Fisheries announces that as of January 26th 2018, All Queensland MUD CRABS wish to be no longer identified as Male nor Female AND therefore during time of capture whilst the checking of crab pots, ALL mud crabs must be realeased immediately (not just female crabs previous by law) without any further harm so as to not cause any potential for discrimination...

These amendments you will find under the ACT of Crabs and Lobsters Rules & Regulations including the revised description of a female crab no longer being related to as "Jennies" which are worded now to be regarded as "non gender crab" under section B; part 3.

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Offline Max

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Re: Non Gender Crabs
« Reply #1 on: Sat 13 Jan 18:41 2018 »
Now that is funny and just as ridiculous as the law change.
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    Offline Mitchell Bierge

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    Re: Non Gender Crabs
    « Reply #2 on: Sun 14 Jan 10:14 2018 »
    Ladies & Gentlemen  (that's right cannot use that anymore either because that referring to a gender but that's how I was brought up to address people  )

    its too late already happen right under our nose's
    Got my driver licence renew late  last year doesn't have height or sex on it anymore
     political correctness gone mad  where is all going to end  REALLY

     :o Mitch
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