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Author Topic: 1st December crab  (Read 1278 times)

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1st December crab
« on: Sun 3 Dec 21:14 2017 »
G'day fellow fishers,

5 days ago I decided to set 3 pots out for a night soak at a different section of a creek which I had frequented in the past, I noticed some additional broken glass (beer bottles) since last time I ventured there, decided to go elsewhere where no footprints could be seen. What a rare treat, managed to find such a spot, it was a vey humid day, expecting a storm but no such luck. For bait I used chicken frame and whole mullet cut in half for each trap. I made a bait bag from codend material, crabs will have a hard time trying to tear that material apart to get to the food buffet, gutter guard is no good and customised polypipes is a pain, my bait bag is easy as and does the job.

On 1st December I retrieved my traps, obviously not as good as Bermot and others have managed, but better than nil. Despite the colour of this crab, it was full. 16cm across the carapace.

Few days before that, decided to go down to Butcher Boys at Runaway Bay for a drive and see what they have in their display windows. Oysters and big ones at that. Managed to get a tray of these. Here's a pic of both.

Bon Appetite
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    Re: 1st December crab
    « Reply #1 on: Tue 5 Dec 18:34 2017 »
    Nice feed Bondy,

    I wonder what the poor people are eating 😆