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Author Topic: Long Time Between Posts  (Read 1665 times)

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Offline Lapras

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Long Time Between Posts
« on: Sat 2 Dec 23:34 2017 »
I haven't posted much lately due to a combination of slackness, being busy working and not having any catches out of the usual.  For the last few months the usual being surf fishing at Marcoola for 2 or 3 keeper whiting, the occasional flathead and lots of throwbacks and dart. 

The last couple of days was no different, fished Thursday and Friday for a couple of hours each time near Access 100 at Marcoola.  There's a nice hole there at the moment but it seems to only fish well at mid-tide for an hour or so. 

Thursday I ventured down after lunch and got 2 just legal whiting using preserved worms before running out of bait.  By the time I got a couple of more worms (I was under prepared and struggled with just a pippi to tempt them to the surface) the tide was too full.  The next day I thought I'd start before the low and although I was better prepared, it still took a while to get enough decent worms.  The beach has lost a lot of sand over the last couple of months so I guess that is to be expected.

I caught two nicer whiting (around 27cm) early in the piece but then it got too shallow and there was only smaller models.  Right at the end of the session after the tide has turned and there was a bit more water I got a third fish and I'm sure I could have got more if I had stayed a bit longer.

It's been a while since I got more than 3 or 4 in a session, but I can't complain as it's not often I've come home without fish.  Hopefully I will have a bit more time over Christmas to suss them out.

Have fun,

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    Offline Blaster_Bretty

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    Re: Long Time Between Posts
    « Reply #1 on: Sun 3 Dec 12:22 2017 »
    onya dave! good lookin fish anyways mate!! well done!  numbers should be on the improve from here on in!

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    Offline robc

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    Re: Long Time Between Posts
    « Reply #2 on: Mon 22 Jan 20:59 2018 »
    Hi Mick,

    The Oaks is best described as, when you turn down to inskip point, its the first campsite on the right as you go through a chekane marked 40km/hr - usually you will see a couple of backpackers bogged there!
    up at inskip on the calm side you can collect soldier crabs at low tide - the small ones with black cross are the best. Night time on a high tide with a full moon and s/se seems to bring on the whiting there.
    I have to admit sometimes we go up there and have a crazy weekend - doesn't matter where we go we are catching fish, othertimes, only tiddlers. I'm going to start keeping a diary ( as well as for SEQ landbased fishing) because i'm sure the moon phase and wind plays a massive part jkust haven't worked it out. could also be netters as well I guess - they do flog the area quite frequently.
    cheers Rob

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