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Author Topic: Borumba Dam Campground Closure 17/10/17  (Read 1590 times)

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Offline rayke1938

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Borumba Dam Campground Closure 17/10/17
« on: Fri 13 Oct 19:58 2017 »
Mate has just left  Borumba yesterday and have advised the following

The campground at Borumba Dam is closing on 17/10/17 till further notice. The nearest park to the dam will now be Deer Park.

Seq water put up the lease and Col Hardy ( Who also owns Deer Park and was the previous lessee ) was awarded the tender but has walked away from the new lease because of new conditions in the lease.

The water treatment plant for the park broke down last year and SEQ Water have been trucking in water from Gympie  since then but have said that the new lessee would be liable for this cost in future or would have to install rain water tanks and a collection system to supply them. The cost of carting water is $50,000 per year.

SEQ water were only notified that the lessee is walking 2 days ago so they are considering their options.

They do have plans to demolish and replace the 2 existing amenities blocks if the grounds are to reopen.

SEQ Water are contacting the Gympie Lions group about what can be done so the Mary Valley Lions fishing Classic can still go ahead on the 4th and 5th of November.

Work is well underway with the extension of the boat ramp with the temporary ramp quite usable for normal cars.

The dam has been fishing well for bass and yellas on both bait and lures but redclaw non existent.



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Re: Borumba Dam Campground Closure 17/10/17
« Reply #1 on: Fri 13 Oct 21:00 2017 »
Anybody that is interested in a a private camp ground on oaklea station just before the dearpark pm me and i can put you intouch with the owner.

this is one of the oldest properties in the area.  not many facilities but an amazing property

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Offline rayke1938

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Re: Borumba Dam Campground Closure 17/10/17
« Reply #2 on: Fri 20 Oct 14:03 2017 »
Update from Gympie times.

Chained and padlocked: Popular camp ground shut down
20th Oct 2017 6:00 AM | Updated: 10:16 AM

CHAINS across driveways and padlocks on doors.

That is how the Borumba Dam camping ground has been left after a disagreement over business viability caused the facility to close on Tuesday.

Former manager Col Huddy said he was unable to meet new stipulations imposed by Seqwater, and as a result has been forced to vacate.

"Seqwater has instructed us to remove all the fireplaces as they do not meet their standards," Mr Huddy said.

"This puts us in the position of being responsible for managing the unacceptable risks that go with uncontained fires.

"Seqwater insists all grey water cannot be discharged on to the ground and so must be discharged into drains but there are no drains.

"The manager is forbidden to construct drains and the provision of drains is a Seqwater sole responsibility.

"We cannot comply with this condition. The refusal to allow us to pump water means it must be brought in by tanker at a very significant cost and as a result the business will operate at a loss or if we are lucky it might break even.

"No one can undertake to run a business at a loss," he said.


Mr Huddy said the impact on the Mary Valley economy would be significant.

"There is definitely going to be a reduction of people," he said. "All the people that come here for weekends and holidays come from further away.

"The day use people will still come, but the long stay people aren't going to be here at all.

"50% of the people that use the dam now will find it difficult to do so in the future," he said.

Mr Huddy has had a management agreement with Seqwater for the past 11 years and was successful in his latest tender to continue managing the facility.

MORE: Shock announcement: Major Borumba Dam event called off

A spokesman for Seqwater, the company responsible for managing the south-east Queensland water grid of which Borumba Dam is a part, said the closure of the camp ground was temporary.

"The organisation recognises that the camp ground is a valued asset for the community and hopes to be in a position to announce the outcome of the tender process shortly," he said.

"We're working with the local event organisers to ensure planned events can continue to run at the camp grounds until further arrangements are in place.

"Seqwater recently launched a public tender for operation of the Borumba Dam camp grounds.

"The existing licensee Col Huddy was the successful tenderer. Unfortunately, we were unable to agree to terms and Mr Huddy has made a commercial decision to withdraw his tender.

"We thank Mr Huddy for his years of hard work in making the camp grounds a safe and enjoyable place for people to visit and wish him well for the future.

"Seqwater is progressing with the tender process along with the proposed refurbishment and upgrades of the existing camp ground facilities scheduled for February 2018.

"Confidential tender negotiations are ongoing and we expect to make an announcement on the immediate future in the coming weeks," he said.


Offline crabby1

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Re: Borumba Dam Campground Closure 17/10/17
« Reply #3 on: Fri 20 Oct 15:48 2017 »
Like it or not the skiers help Imbil economy as much as the fisherman especially School Holidays and Summer ones are not far off.

The deer park and small one in Imbil will be overflowing plus Crocb8 has put up a place as well.
Every Easter I stay at the Deer Park and it is crowded plus the one that is now closed is overflowing.

Again state government departments not helping to encourage the outdoors lifestyle.
Spend money on over rubbish and no essential stuff.

A decent water treatment plant for drinking water and greywater should be provided and not have to be profit run.
This sort of situation annoys me. Provide for people to get outdoors is part of their core responsibilities 

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