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Author Topic: Newbe  (Read 1118 times)

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Offline bullbear

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« on: Mon 7 Aug 19:25 2017 »
Hey everyone
thought I would join and have a look round.I bought a 6.7 m barcrusher a year or so ago and have had some limited success. I joined a couple of other clubs, but they seemed to be all about either catching the biggest fish or who can drink the most with limited actual information or willingness to pass on any info to anew be to fishing.
Anyhow the thing I have most trouble with is actually relating what I see on the sounder to what is actually under the boat.I be watched all the utube videos however have little confidence in my hummingbird sounder when the water gets over 20 m and marking fish and getting decent descrimination seems to be extreamly difficult. possibly the sounder? Any how any feedback welcome
cheers Marcus

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Offline beach bum

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Re: Newbe
« Reply #1 on: Mon 7 Aug 21:14 2017 »
G'day bullbear im sure some one will know how or know someone that can help. I don't know much about sounders but I do know Sounders can be like a high maintainance woman. Wrong angle not happy. To fast not happy. Not Spending enough money or time with it not happy. Some times even if those are all right your not pushing the right buttons😄
Looking forward to the next trip

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