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Author Topic: In-Boat Rod Holder  (Read 2381 times)

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Offline Whirly

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In-Boat Rod Holder
« on: Tue 27 Jun 17:57 2017 »
Hi Guys,
   I’ve long been considering various options for storing rods on my boat.
Up till now I’ve just laid them on the deck between the centre console and RHS of the boat.
They keep getting runners tangled in the net and are under constant threat of being stepped upon.

I would have installed a rod-holder against the front of the Centre Console – but I carry a huge esky, which I had a mate make up a big cushion for, and converted it into a double seat, with the console as a back rest.

I considered rocket launchers but thought I may need an extra support for the bimini (which would then get in the way when casting from the stern).

In the end, I came up with this cheap and simple plan.
It cost $3 for a pool noodle from Kmart – I drilled holes in it every 15cm (6inches) and cut vertical slits leading to the middle of each of the holes.
I cut a strip off the back to make a flat surface. I then glued the flat surface to the inner edge of the starboard gunwale with white Sikaflex (held it there with occy-straps – though I would insert rags between the straps and noodle if I did it again as they cause indentations which are aesthetically unpleasing but in no way effect performance). 

I tried it out on the weekend – had 4 rods in while I towed the boat to the ramp, and also running round the bay. The rods remained fast and didn’t move at all – though I do live close to the ramp and the water wasn’t very rough. The results were very encouraging and the rods are in a position that should rarely interfere with casting.

I reckon anyone with an opposable thumb should be able to have the whole thing in place and drying within an hour. You’d be lucky to finish three beers!

(Advantages – colour coded for your boat, unbreakable, comfy to lean on, extra buoyancy, flexible,  fits wherever you wanna stick it, cheap as chips, extremely simple to install – and, it actually works).


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Offline squidjew

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Re: In-Boat Rod Holder
« Reply #1 on: Tue 27 Jun 20:44 2017 »
Thats a neat idea

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