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Author Topic: Outboard Trolling Aid  (Read 369 times)

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Outboard Trolling Aid
« on: Fri 22 Mar 12:38 2013 »
Outboard manufacturers are always trying to improve their product by inventing improvements or additions that give them an industry edge.
One of the more innovative additions put out by Honda recently is an optional extra called an incremental throttle control.
This is a small rubberised push button up / down switch that can be mounted on your console or on a tiller steer mounted motor that allows you to raise or lower the speed of your motor by 50 rpm every time you push the button.
Itís main purpose is to adjust the speed your boat is travelling at when you are trolling.
Instead of tapping the throttle arm or carefully twisting the grip the to make a minor change in speed, you push the momentary up or down button to increase or decrease your speed.
This is very useful when trolling and you change direction heading either into or with the tidal flow or to account for a change in wind strength or direction allowing you to make a minor adjustment to maintain a constant speed.
In other situations like a freshwater impoundment where there is no tidal flow, it allows you to speed your lure up or slow it down by pushing the button to adjust the RPM.
It also allows you to set a precise trolling speed to match the lure so it swims at its optimum speed.
Often a change in lure speed can be the trigger that entices a strike.
Being able to make minor adjustments to account for wind, current or just a desired change in trolling speed without having to touch the throttle control is a handy addition, especially when youíre trolling.

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