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General Discussion / New Zealand, what to see or do?
« Last post by crabby1 on Today at 10:27 AM »
Any one wish to recommend what to see or do in NZ?
Auckland to Christchurch and anywhere in between.

Going over September school holiday and 13yr wants to try snowboarding if anyone knows a place new Christchurch?

Just 2 of us in 6berth motorhome for 6days. Plan staying DOC camp areas and free camping spots
Don't like full on tourist places eg Movieworld here in OZ

I am sure the landscape being different to OZ will be a great part of the trip.
Went couple of years ago hunting and was no time for tourist stuff but the regions of the forests we went to was great plus the day trout fishing was an experience.
News / Media Releases / Re: New Emissions Standards Bill
« Last post by crabby1 on Today at 10:19 AM »
Be interesting to see if anyone does get fined in the future.

All this pollution stuff yet for which the engines usually have a short run time over working life of the engine.

Eg how many hour per year does the average house hold mower get used for? times by 10 as that's how old my current mower is. How much pollution in design and manufacture of new complyant engine?

With England now making petrol and diesel engines banned from 2040 for domestic vehicles, electricity world wide and especially in Australia better become a cheaper per KW otherwise the average person will be walking every where.

My rant is now over :-\
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: WHITING TODAY
« Last post by split-shot on Today at 10:16 AM »
Dean, have asked Greg to pass on my mobile number to you.
Events & Competitions / Re: SSAA SHOT Expo Brisbane
« Last post by crabby1 on Today at 10:11 AM »
Should be a good event.  I will be working there ;D  Stop by and say hello  ;D

A hint a which stall?

Most likely be hunting weekend of Shotshow this year myself
Freshwater / Re: NPD 17/8/17.
« Last post by crabby1 on Today at 10:09 AM »
Ray , you really make me want to buy a permit for the dam with your constant results from the dam ;)

Love the deer photo as well.
Rusa hind I would call it as. Their breeding season should be under way.
The Rusa stags will carrying grass and tree branches in their antlers
The girl rusa like that sort of bling  ;)
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: WHITING TODAY
« Last post by kingcray on Today at 07:13 AM »
Thanks Ralph will do
Nugget's Weekly Fishing Report / August 18 Fishing Report
« Last post by Nugget on Today at 06:16 AM »
Blowing a gale this weekend but there's still lots of options - flathead, mulloway, threadfin, tailor - read the full report at the link below:


Offshore / Re: 1770 Trip Report
« Last post by neptune on Today at 12:18 AM »
Sounds like a great trip :).
What size/model boat were you fishing out of if you don't mind me asking?
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: sunday summer whiting
« Last post by petenat on Thu 17 Aug 21:35 2017 »
Hi Peter
Nice catch of whiting.  I have been getting used to the pine.  You mention in your post you start fishing for whiting there soon.  It seems to me when I go to the pine it looks more like bream, flathead territory to me rather than whiting.  I am used to seeing large expansive sandy yabbie banks all over like beachmere, cab river, bribie passage...

I find it different territory in the pine.  Lots more gritty shelly bottom and more solid hard compacted mud flats.  Tried to dig yabbies there once, got 15 in an hour pumping my guts out!  Ningi = 50+ in 20 mins.  Personally, I would not go whiting fishing without fresh yabs, just the way I roll.  But I am thinking that worms or prawns for whiting in the pine might be the choice.  From your experience, what is the best bait for this area on whiting, where should I start to look for the whiting, near highway bridge, boat ramp at dwb, or out in the more expansive area near hornibrook, day/night.  I would appreciate any tips / reports you might have and very interested because you seem to fish both estuaries.  In my opinion, as i pointed out, i find them very different.  Thanks heaps Peter
Freshwater / Re: NPD 17/8/17.
« Last post by rayke1938 on Thu 17 Aug 19:27 2017 »
More photos
also spotted a couple of deer.
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