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Fishing / Re: Vertebra from what??
« Last post by Maxtruck on Today at 05:26 AM »
Looks similar to my mother in law
I don't know why the would target them MQ they are only 20 x the price per kg filleted. makes no sense😎
General Discussion / Re: North Stradbroke Accomodation ideas
« Last post by mangajack on Tue 17 Oct 20:32 2017 »
The bungalows at Amity are good for groups.
Good BBQ area and on the water with a retaining wall and fishing platform.
Local member Rick williams
Email: Pumicestone@parliament.qld.gov.au
Email your local member I did here is his reply.Note he states whiting are not a targeted species on Bribie beaches ummm that bit sounds like bull crap.

Quote from: mighty quinn on Tue  8 Aug 14:30 2017

Up date

Good morning,


Please see below advice regarding net fishing at Bribie Island.


Commercial Net Fishing on Bribie Island


·         There are a number of restrictions on commercial netting in Queensland, including no new licences being issued and restrictions on when and where commercial netters can operate.

·         In relation to the Bribie Island region, the following management arrangements apply:

   Pumicestone Passage has been closed to all commercial fishing since 1995

   ocean beach seine netting is permitted if the commercial licence is endorsed with a K5 fishery symbol. Seven licences are endorsed with a K5 symbol

   ocean beach seine netting is used to target mullet and to a lesser extent tailor. Whiting are not a target species for this fishery

   the east coast stocks of tailor and mullet are both assessed as sustainable

   tunnel netting is not allowed on Bribie Island itself. Tunnel netting is allowed in areas near Bribie Island

   general purpose nets (for example, mesh nets, large set mesh gillnets and general purpose nets used as seine nets) are prohibited from use in the regulated ocean beach areas between 1 April and 31 August each year on Bribie Island

   small mesh nets (mesh size 12-25 mm) up to 200m long may be used in the regulated ocean beach areas between 1 April and 31 August
 each year.

·         The Queensland Government released the Sustainable Fishing Strategy 2017 – 2027, in June 2017, paving the way for Queensland to have a world-class fisheries management system. The reforms will ensure healthy fish stocks to benefit all Queenslanders.

·         The East Coast Inshore fin fish fishery (which will look at ocean beach and tunnel netting) has been identified as a priority for reform and the development of harvest strategy. 

·         Stakeholders can keep up to date by following Fisheries Queensland on Facebook and sign-up for “Catch news” for the latest information and opportunities to get involved.


We are hoping this helps with your concerns.
 Red Beach on the southern tip of Bribie Island is a great place to catch a feed of whiting if you manage to arrive before the trawlers, they take tons of fish for profit. they also destroy the weed beds, the floating weed stays around for a week, is it not the time to contact our  Politicians to protect Red Beach, Last week   I spent a couple of hours at Red Beach caught a couple of nice Whiting.  spoke with many angry locals who got fish before the trawlers raided the beach, the beach should be for recreational fishing only, what do you think.?
Freshwater / Re: Somerset and Wivenhoe Closed WHY?
« Last post by crabby1 on Tue 17 Oct 13:08 2017 »
Somerset is water storage as primary reason for being built. So should remain at 100% after flooding rains.

Wivenhoe was built to reduce flooding in Brisbane. Its 100% capacity when no flooding rains occur is meant to allow for a % of extra storage it can hold short term flooding is occurring. A controlled release of the extra storage mean the average mean increase in river height below the wall can be controlled compared to as if the dam did not exist.
So instead of peaking at say 10m height down stream for 1day if was unrestricted  the flow can released so water peaks at say 5m over 4-5days.

Remember the likes of 2011 if the rains are not above the catchment for either dam then that water cannot be controlled by the 2dams. TC Debbie was another example of heavy rains can still flood places in SEQ and the 2 dams only catch certain rainfall.

Don't buy or build in low areas or if do then live with it when it does flood.

Recon flooding debris as some one else said be reason for current closures. Being midweek wont affect too majority
General Discussion / Re: North Stradbroke Accomodation ideas
« Last post by billp on Tue 17 Oct 12:50 2017 »
Thanks guys, will check them out.
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Dusk
« Last post by Fisharwashe on Tue 17 Oct 09:33 2017 »
Nice fat lizard Pete, well done but I see a 75cm not 73...you're selling yourself short mate.... btw, there's a problem with the pic, the lid's on the stubby!  LOL ;D
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Dusk
« Last post by mighty quinn on Tue 17 Oct 09:17 2017 »
It looks in top condition as well,nice fish.
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