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Surf / Re: Tailor on nth straddie.
« Last post by TheGurn on Thu 18 Jul 11:00 2019 »
Okay.. Now that my frustration has abated, (somewhat).

It seems the focus on mullet in this discussion has shifted. In my opinion it remains the predator/prey relationship they share with tailor. As the saying goes: 'Find the bait... find the fish'
With netters stripping entire schools from the beaches as soon as they arrive, that's  obviously become harder to do.

Back to tailor.

The 'Maximum Sustainable Yield' and, depending on your viewpoint, 'Maximum Economic Benefit' appears to have been managed down to a point where it has been achieved and is relatively stable, but in my opinion is far too heavily weighted in favour of the few (beach netters) to the detriment of the many (rec fishers).

No, I don't want or expect a return to the good (bad?) old days of 'picket lines' where individuals boast near cricket score catches of tailor.. Or black marketeers run up and down the beaches with freezers on trailers full of line caught fish. Those excesses took way too long to address, but they do give an insight to what was once available. And if anyone is unaware or too young to have experienced those days, faded photographs and reminiscent grumpy old salts can enlighten you.

Yes,  I am more than happy with the current bag and size limits. However, after the careful planning and expense of a dedicated beach tailor trip, and with memories of past experiences, I personally find it deflating that anyone landing even half the bag limit of 20 legal sized fish on the beach has performed an accomplishment worthy of hearty congratulations. Yet the netters continue to meet or exceed their expectations.

Even more exasperating is discovering that the nets have been through your chosen destination just prior to, or during your stay. Expectations and results plummet to near zero as you accept the fact it was all a waste of time and money.
Not so for the netters. It is one of the only 'sustainable' fisheries where this level of commercial dominance is not only tolerated and so blatantly obvious, it is also openly defended and supported, and falling participation rates in the rec sector apparently are considered a good outcome.
The question answers itself...
. To whose benefit?

Also, I am not discussing the availability of bay tailor, ie. the fish that opt out of the southern migration and are available all year round... Christmas choppers if you prefer.

The sad truth (again in my opinion) is that as long as the current method of determining stock levels, ecomomic benefit and sustainability are being almost entirely based on commercial catch data, (one day there may be a more equitable alternative) and 'resource sharing' is focused between competing commercial ventures with what appears to date to be little regard for the recreational experience, then current and successive generations have been, and will be, conditioned to accept that the scattered scraps available at any time while the commercial targets and sustainability limits are being achieved is the norm.

I'm certain that if we all lived to be 150 years old, the disparity of what 'was' and what 'is' and what is 'fair' in this regard would be far more obvious and arguable.

I'm hopeful that the new harvest strategies together with a revised interpretation of resource sharing and an increasing awareness of the true economic benefits from the rec sector will be a step in the right direction.

Now I'm done.

Freshwater / Re: Lunar Eclipse NPD 17/7/19
« Last post by rayke1938 on Thu 18 Jul 08:26 2019 »
Still seeing deer nearly every trip.
Freshwater / Lunar Eclipse NPD 17/7/19
« Last post by rayke1938 on Thu 18 Jul 08:22 2019 »
 We went to NPD to watch the lunar eclipse over the water hoping for some photos but it turned out a bit of a fizzer as the moon sunk below the hills just as the eclipse started.We then thought we would have a bit of a fish seeing that we were there and got thrashed  by newbie Beau he caught 30 odd fish compared to 32 caught by three of us, Think I might have to see if I can get an old ejection seat from one of the scrapped F111s for deckies who outfish the skipper  :)
Bit of entertainment by percy. Rick pulled a 51cm yella from 50 feet of water that he released. It appeared to swim back down ok but 5 minutes later it resurfaced and before we could recover it to send back down on a dropper percy swooped on it and after several attempts got most of it down except for around 6 inches of its tail so he swam over to the bank and managed to get it down.

We thought that was the end of him for the day but around an hour later when we had moved he turned up again just circling the boat and grunting. The next thing he took off and started chasing one of the eagles that had caught a largish bass. He shadowed the eagle all the way back to its eyrie only giving up when the eagle landed.

Plenty of redclaw and 3 fish over 50cm.

57 bass and 5 yellas with one of the yellas that Beau caught was tagged by me 2 years ago.
Surf / Re: Tailor on nth straddie.
« Last post by Chappie on Thu 18 Jul 07:18 2019 »
Sorry OP still off topic.
The price rise from 20c / kg 10 or 20 years ago might not just be due to the greed of the sellers, there could be a few other inputs that have increased along the way.
Also I have never bought mullet or tailor for human consumption.
As far as figures go for fisheries, I watched a programm about sustainable fisheries by Matthew Evans called Whats the Catch and the take home result for me was that the only sustainable sefood at this point in time in Australia is the pilchard.
Cheers Iain

Surf / Re: Tailor on nth straddie.
« Last post by bondy99 on Wed 17 Jul 22:46 2019 »

Interesting what you say but quite a few people do purchase mullet from various seafood outlets for consumption as well as for bait, there are quite a few people that don't have boats nor go fishing for one reason or another and quite a lot are not members of any fishing forum. That's life, no such thing as Eutopia. Fisheries Research and Development Corporation would have the statistics as to how much money mullet brings to the economy. Mullet years ago was 20 cents a kg, now its more expensive. The more the demand for a product is, then the greed of sellers come out to capitalise.

Just like fuel these days.
Rod Building / Re: Rod Lathe O'ring
« Last post by Chappie on Wed 17 Jul 18:28 2019 »
Yep I do mean the drive belt.
Thanks for the suggestion.
For Sale / Tournament 1750 Evinrude Etec 90HP 2009
« Last post by Jasen on Wed 17 Jul 17:51 2019 »

Located Bribie Island

Tournament Pleasure Boat 2009
90 HP Evinrude Etec 2009
Serviced Regularly
470 Hours
Dunbier Trailer
Rego boat and trailer 09/19
Garmin Echomap DV 5 Sounder
Garmin GPS
Fusion Stereo
GME 6 Speakers
Lowrance VHF
GME Antenna
Ski Pole
Bait Board
No Safety Gear with sale has gone into the new boat.
0439 731 522
0400 053 618

Rod Building / Re: Rod Lathe O'ring
« Last post by mangajack on Wed 17 Jul 17:43 2019 »
Do you mean the drive belt??
Try a sewing machine repair shop or even a haberdashery.
Estuary / River / Bay / Winteries at the CAB
« Last post by Freeeedom on Wed 17 Jul 17:09 2019 »
Fished the front of Redcliffe this morning for lots of small bream (only 2 keepers) and a couple of very small squire. The water was very clear making the fish very flighty. Decided to see if any winteries had arrived at the CAB yet to try to get some value from the prawns I had thawed. The fishing was fairly slow but the quality was pretty good for the CAB, which often produces lots of very small fish. Caught about 30 by the time my prawns ran out - average size was about 22cm - and I didn't want to start another pack so I came in about midday. Good conditions with just enough southerly to push the boat along on the drift. A few pike mixed in with the whiting - should be useful at Iluka next week.
Cheers Freeeedom
Surf / Re: Tailor on nth straddie.
« Last post by Da-Jew-Man on Wed 17 Jul 16:40 2019 »
Sorry but I cant help not responding to this article.
I have fished Northern NSW for nearly 50 years ( apologies not Nth Straddie).
Yes I can remember fishing for Tailor at Cabba, Hastings, Wooyung in groups almost as large as on Fraser.
Anyone who has regularly fished these areas will tell you the Tailor caught over the last 3-5 years has dropped off dramatically.
Come April and the westerlies the netters scour the beaches waiting for the schools of mullet to come up the coast.
They are so desperate now that they are still there picking of small schools even in July.
June/ July should be the peak time for tailor in these areas but you will be lucky to get a feed. Also the size has decreased.
Whilst these netters are allowed to take the food chain from the beaches everything above will suffer.
Yes mullet is in the shops but how many of you go to a fish shop to buy mullet.
How many go to buy mullet for crab bait?
Its a disgrace that this primary food source is treated this way.
And yes when the netters net the beach it shuts down for up to a week, klms either side of net area.
Apologies but it is such a shame.

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