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Camping & Outback Travel / Re: Seafood Trail S.A.
« Last post by lowey on Today at 03:11 PM »
Just a quick update. This is our camp site at Port Lincoln, not too shabby.
Fishing quiet at this stage with only a few herring and a dozen squid  :P
Bit colder down here and a lot windier than home.
Off to Coffin Bay Friday, looking forward to some oysters.
Roads have been reasonable some good some ordinary for highways.
Road kill is huge, started to count how many in 5 minutes but lost count.
Seen the normal animals but a big surprise was the goats throughout NSW.
Thousands, reckon they would already be a problem.
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: PRAWNING know how
« Last post by struck on Today at 11:19 AM »
Yes it would be better for casting the net but do the prawns come out to play in the afternoon anyone know they vanish buy 8 or 9am when prawning in the morning. thankyou struck
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: 2018 Prawns
« Last post by mighty quinn on Today at 10:23 AM »
I had a sprinkling of tigers in my catch yesterday whats the deal with them is it normally just the odd few or can they be plentiful as well off Nudgee.
Boats, Gear and Gadgets / Re: 40hp tiller
« Last post by Millsy on Today at 09:12 AM »
Suzuki is my pick always. This is my second, first was a Suzuki DF 250Hp. When I was choosing recently I looked at weight, power, fuel economy and service support. Suzuki was the pick in the end. I have a new 4.2 renegade tiller with new Suzuki DF 50 Hp, I love the power and fuel economy and the tiller arrangements are fantastic.
Good luck with you purchase.
Offshore / Hard day at the office.
« Last post by rosco on Today at 06:35 AM »

With the forecast for Tuesday looking good we ventured out off the Tweed. First trip for 2018 because of strong winds, big seas & other commitments the planets never aligned.
We crossed the bar on a run out tide and had the first bait in the water just on breaking day. Our plan was to go south have a drop at the 36's to see what the current was doing before going out wide. We were drifting at 2.6 knots so never went any deeper. We worked the 36 fathom line to down past Pottsville picking up a few fish but few and far between. It was difficult with the current as we were moving so fast and had to feed out line constantly to stay anywhere near the bottom.
About 10 am we decided to head into Blackrock and have a fish for mackeral. We anchored and the current was just as bad in close so we rigged up some whole pike and floated them out to swim in the current.
Sat for an hour without a touch. Pulled anchor and slow trolled for a bit then tried towing at all the headlands, Hastings Point, Boggingar, Kingscliffe reef and finally near Cook Island. Not even a touch so pulled the pin about 12.30. The mixed bag consisted of:Tailor x 2, Snapper X 2, hussar x 2 , trag x 3 and probably threw back 10 small snapper.


Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Pine mixed bag
« Last post by Freeeedom on Tue 20 Mar 20:01 2018 »
I usually catch one or two a year, but this one was close to the biggest I've ever caught. They can be hard to pull out of the sand and I think I was lucky to pull this one clear while I was trying to break off a 'snag'. They look like they won't have much meat on them, but they produce a surprisingly solid fillet of beautiful white meat with a superb sweet flavor. They are right up near the top of any list of the best eating fish that we can catch in this part of the world.
Cheers Freeeedom
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Pine mixed bag
« Last post by beach bum on Tue 20 Mar 17:13 2018 »
Long time since I've seen some one catch a stargazer. Looks a good size too
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: 2018 Prawns
« Last post by suerob on Tue 20 Mar 16:05 2018 »
it was hard work this morning, scattered, one bucket between two
today same as saturday, i would cast net, pass to mate {different mate from saturday} then cast one for myself, only saturday had 2 buckets by 8am
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: 2018 Prawns
« Last post by mighty quinn on Tue 20 Mar 15:20 2018 »
Some poor bugger when I was putting in around 5.30 backed his boat down with 2 wheels on his trailer and came up on one,was noisy but he hadn't noticed lots of yelling to get his attention. 
Prawning and Crabbing / Re: 2018 Prawns
« Last post by FordGT on Tue 20 Mar 14:38 2018 »
were you amongst the Trawlers?

Between the trawlers and the land.

They were about 500m further out.

EDIT: Sorry didn't realise MQ already  gave a more comprehensive update :)
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