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Surf / Re: Sand Pumping Jetty 20 September
« Last post by bondy99 on Sat 22 Sep 11:56 2018 »
Joe K, well done. I'll be down this week after I check Willie Weather. Might see you there.
Surf / Re: Sand Pumping Jetty 20 September
« Last post by Joe k on Sat 22 Sep 07:10 2018 »
Willy Weather says the wind has dropped to a light South Easter so I arrive at the Jetty at 3am. I see 5 cars meaning a poor early morning session. Rollers are coming in from the East making fishing difficult with a strong sweep. I retreat to the shallow water with less sweep. No bites till the break of dawn when I get 3 hits for 3 hookups, landing 2 small Tailor. Fished an hour without a bite and decided to feed myself breakfast. Happy to take two fish home for lunch. Cheers!
Freshwater / Re: Fat sooty
« Last post by bondy99 on Fri 21 Sep 23:53 2018 »
That's absolutely awesome size, well done to the young angler.
Offroad & 4x4's / Re: Hilux heart transplant
« Last post by crabby1 on Fri 21 Sep 20:15 2018 »
Many years ago did Landrover body with 186s engine into 4sp crusier box and added 5th gear and then into Landrover diffs. :o

Was real easy to fit but it did.
Kept spitting the plastic clog off bottom of the dizzy.
Apart from that no real issues and anything possible if have time and money.

Had mod plate for the bucket seats ::)
General Discussion / Re: Cleveland caravan show today to Sunday23/09/18
« Last post by Archer63 on Fri 21 Sep 18:45 2018 »
Wife and I went today...was ok.
Although I do have a whinge....why do some caravan companies go to all the trouble of getting their vans onsite and open for inspection....then canít be bothered to make sure they are clean inside....dirty showers etc ?

Turns us off thatís for sure.

Whinge over.

Freshwater / Fat sooty
« Last post by Nugget on Fri 21 Sep 16:48 2018 »
Keen young angler Tom McCahon, the local chemist's Son, caught this sooty when I was in Weipa recently - has to be the fattest sooty I've ever seen.
Good thing is he released it.
Offroad & 4x4's / Re: Hilux heart transplant
« Last post by cus on Fri 21 Sep 16:22 2018 »
Very true Beachy, for the same money for the conversion I could get a second hand upgrade.....mmmm decisions

Iíll be doing the ring around this weekend pricing things up and getting a parts list together so Iíll let you know how I go.

Thanks Crabby, yeah just hope they can still be bribed these days to get stuff passed for mod plate lol just joking.........maybe
Freshwater / Re: Relaxing Sooty trip ?
« Last post by cus on Fri 21 Sep 16:11 2018 »
You should be hitting up BP or Shell for sponsorship with those sort of numbers! 18hr bloody hell.

Those fish are magic however so I can see why you do it!
Freshwater / Re: Relaxing Sooty trip ?
« Last post by Danny on Fri 21 Sep 15:20 2018 »
More great photos those colors in the Saratoga never cease to amaze me.Cheers Danny
Surf / Re: Fingal
« Last post by Joe k on Fri 21 Sep 15:08 2018 »
Beautiful fat bream! Fingal is a wonderful spot to spend a week!
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