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Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Another look at Mud
« Last post by Johnno52 on Today at 09:37 AM »
Hi Freeeedom,
Great report as always, I went down to the cab river on Wednesday for Nada fished from the mouth to bakers flats for 4 small grunter, 2 x stingrays returned the unused yabbies it was really dead that day even the soft plastics,vibes etc could not raise a scale  ::), at the ramp ran into a couple of guys launching a big 1/2 cab in the afternoon said there was mackerel of redcliffe.

Cheers Johnno
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: First Bay Trip in a Long Time
« Last post by Max on Fri 16 Nov 20:27 2018 »
There was a pile of boats fishing Rous Channel this morning. We fished nearby and bagged out of winter whiting in 2 hours. Bit further to travel but could be worthwhile.
Estuary / River / Bay / Bribie
« Last post by mighty quinn on Fri 16 Nov 19:24 2018 »
Up at a sparrows this morning to chase the elusive flathead,arrived at the ramp at 5.30am with one keen crabber already back at the ramp with 6 sandies from out the front after an all night soak,I only had 2 pots with me for another look after coming up empty last week,in they went and the flathead chase began.
First cast and the offering a squidgy killer tomato was smashed and a lovely 53cm lizard went on ice,30 minutes latter his little mate fell to the same plastic 41cm this time and i'm getting excited,then an hour for nothing so moved out to the last green, half an hour out there for not a bump so over to Buckley's hole same result so off to Donnybrook.
A change of pattern this time a squidgy drop bear did the trick and the best fish of the day was in the esky 55cm,as a side note there were prawns flicking in the shallows so no surprise to find one in the gut of that fish.
By this time I'm about knacked it's 10oclock back to pick the pots up deja voo nothing.
Estuary / River / Bay / First Bay Trip in a Long Time
« Last post by Lapras on Fri 16 Nov 17:17 2018 »
I normally fish the beach up the coast and haven't been getting out much in the boat so decided to bring it back to Brisbane.  Headed out this morning, but as the boat is now kept at Ormiston I went to Raby Bay for the first time is about 10 years.

I bought a new crab pot yesterday and re-roped and buoyed the others plus got some free advice on where to drop them so after dropping the pots along the front out from the lighthouse as advised I was at a loss for where to go next.

I couldn't for the life of me remember where we previously fished for whiting (my target species) so thought "here is as good as anywhere" and dropped a worm over on a light rig and a pilly just for fun.  Nothing touched the worm but got a small shark on the pilly before deciding to go further afield.

I had a dim memory of an artificial reef off Peel so with the help of google got some coordinates and headed west. I couldn't find much reef on the bottom, but drifted around with another couple of boats in the general area for no result.  Decided to move on and saw a section marked "spoil ground" on my chart so thought I'd check it out.  The bottom looked more interesting, but only managed one very small squire.

After that I cruised aimlessly for a while trying different spots and moving the pots before heading back to the West Peel artificial.  There were still a few boats there so I found a spot a bit further away anchored and burleyed up.

First cast I got a just under squire on a bit of squid followed by a legal grassy on a pilly.  I spent the next hour having a heap of fun, but not getting any more keepers.  I mixed the bait up and even tried a crab bait whiting frame which got taken and felt promising until it turned out to be yet another just under squire.

I called it quits before lunch with just the one keeper and one crab and although I didn't find any whiting or too many crabs I can't complain and I'm looking forward to the next trip to gain a bit more knowledge.

Good luck if you're heading out,


Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Another look at Mud
« Last post by beach bum on Fri 16 Nov 16:17 2018 »
Great report as always. You now have me dreaming about what I could turn those gar into on the sand...
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Another look at Mud
« Last post by Freeeedom on Fri 16 Nov 15:50 2018 »
Had another look at Mud this morning. Launched about 5.00 a.m. and ran across in perfect conditions. Trolled for a while, but no joy, so I went looking for some gar. Found a decent patch on my second try and landed about 40, with a few bream thrown in for good measure. When I left Mud at about 8.30 the bay was a complete glass-out, so I ran across to the Sandhills to see if I could find any winteries of better quality than I've been getting at the CAB. Found a school on my second drift, so I anchored on them and fished until I finished the bag of prawns I'd thawed. Ended up with just over 30, but the size wasn't all that much bigger than the CAB was producing, which was a bit of a surprise. Didn't want to start a new bag of prawns so I headed for home.The bay was still almost a complete glass-out and I was back at the Cabbage Tree Creek ramp by 11.30. Nice morning!
Cheers Freeeedom
Fishing / Re: Anyone know what species this is
« Last post by Blinky on Fri 16 Nov 09:37 2018 »
river perch all day long
Fishing / Re: Anyone know what species this is
« Last post by beach bum on Thu 15 Nov 15:12 2018 »
I think the tails also curved in towards the body of the fish the same way a trag is as opposed to a Jew where it curves away
Estuary / River / Bay / Re: Bribie whiting
« Last post by Craigie on Thu 15 Nov 13:25 2018 »
Yeah, been a quiet year for whiting at Bribie.
We usually do quite well Sept/Oct but this year has been a struggle to get a feed.
Fishing / Re: Anyone know what species this is
« Last post by Daryl McPhee on Thu 15 Nov 11:57 2018 »
Weberi has the underslung mouth whereas vogleri has a terminal mouth. They both co-occur in the Brisbane River and both get mistaken for mulloway.
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